LogicPlum Plans to Continue Bolstering Global Operations with Multi-Million Dollar Investments in India

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AI solutions platform LogicPlum plans to continue expanding its efforts in India, having invested $2 million so far.

As the demand for AI continues to grow worldwide, India is no exception. India has a large workforce of intelligent, IT-focused, English-speaking engineers dedicated to excellence and equipped with a strong services backbone. Those qualities happen to be precisely what LogicPlum looks for when it comes to supporting its customers.

Founder of LogicPlum, Damian Mingle, said, “We believe Indias digital economy is important to businesses in the region; after all, there are more than 700 million internet users and roughly half a billion yet to come online. This digital economy produces a significant amount of data that the LogicPlum Enterprise AI Platform can turn into real competitive advantage for companies.”

LogicPlum’s investment will help build new research and development teams, expand regional offices, and recruit key leadership roles. The company recently opened a new regional headquarters in PMG, Trivandrum, India, quadrupling the size of the previous office space while also ensuring the company has 24-hour development and support with LogicPlum’s global teams located in India, the U.S., and France.

Mingle said, “We aim to cultivate the team like we do in other parts of the world: by shattering the status quo and uncover real business impact for organizations using LogicPlums AI platform, its R.E.A.S.O.N. ™ method for business, and it’s internationally recognized AI team.”

LogicPlum’s commitment will also support a number of new hires at the new Trivandrum headquarters.

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About LogicPlum

LogicPlums Enterprise AI platform makes it possible for companies to get massive business impact by creating significant speedups in data prep, model creation, validation – including time-series and computer vision. It then deploys and monitors those models in a single solution, ensuring they remain skillful. LogicPlum customers are organizations that want to go to the next level with their business by innovating and reimagining aspects of their most important decisions. The LogicPlum team partners with those who want to start their AI journey and become an AI-driven enterprise.

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