Lone Fir Creative Announces Unique Video Service to Help Businesses Stimulate Growth Post-COVID

SEATTLE, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Capitalizing on its experience as a fully remote marketing agency that used video to drive a 73% revenue growth in 2020 and improve internal collaboration, Lone Fir Creative partners with Vidyard, the leading video platform for businesses and sales professionals, to help their clients unlock new opportunities for business growth through the power of video content and video messaging. As a Certified Vidyard Implementation Partner, Lone Fir’s team is excited to help businesses leverage the power of authentic video to speak directly to customers.

Video has totally transformed the selling process and even changed the way internal teams interact. Now is the time for brands to get on board and add video to their marketing strategy. Lone Fir’s Director of Content, Frank Rocchio, comments “It doesn’t have to be sexy either; we’re not talking big-budget videos. You pull up your screen, start recording and share your insights. These are simple tools that make a massive impact on engagement.”

As a 100% remote company, the team at Lone Fir Creative saw this shift coming and leveraged the opportunity to help their clients use Vidyard as an effective sales and marketing tool.

“Video is ingrained in the way we work,” says Tyler Pigott, Lone Fir’s Principal and Chief Growth Officer. “We were already using Zoom long before the pivot to remote work in 2020. Now, we want to use our experience to help other companies use video to better serve their customers, improve team culture, and use clear communication to ultimately do business better.”

Lone Fir sees video as a complementary tool to enhance sales enablement, strategic web copy, email campaigns, and content marketing to increase their effectiveness at reaching prospects. Video gives businesses a unique opportunity to craft more personal messages, humanize their brand, and interact with their audience in a more authentic format.

Lone Fir Creative looks forward to helping thought leaders, startups, and growing brands use Vidyard to verbalize their value.

To learn how to implement video for your brand, learn more and contact us here.

Lone Fir Creative is a fully remote digital marketing firm that helps brands clarify their message to win more customers. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, StoryBrand Certified Agency, and now Certified Vidyard Implementation Partner, they can provide clients with modern marketing solutions that stimulate business. Learn more about their methodical approach to marketing at LoneFirCreative.com.

Ashlee Rolkowski


SOURCE Lone Fir Creative

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