Lorex Technology Launches the Lorex Home Center – The New Center of Your Home

ONTARIO, Canada, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Lorex Technology, one of the most trusted names in home security, is announcing a new, revolutionary product: the Lorex Home Center. A smart all-in-one solution designed to modernize and simplify the home monitoring experience.

Touch, Talk and View: With a modern design and feel, the Lorex Home Center features an intuitive 7-inch touch screen interface, which allows users to control all connected wireless cameras and accessories from one central device.

The Lorex Home Center supports up to eight Wi-Fi cameras, 32 sensors and features live view and playback of up to four cameras simultaneously. As you grow, so can your security system. Users can tailor and expand their system to their needs with a variety of Lorex indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras and sensors as well as the new Lorex video doorbell and floodlight. Users who already own any of these Lorex Wi-Fi products can simply pair their devices to the Lorex Home center, using the Lorex Home app, to create their own custom home monitoring ecosystem. There will be additional products in the near future that users can add, such as the soon to be released wire-free cameras.

“We are incredibly excited and proud to launch the Lorex Home Center. This is something we’ve been developing for a long time and is the flagship to our highly anticipated IoT product line,” said Ilan Gershon, Director of Product Strategy & Development. “We’ve created a solution that works with a multitude of Lorex products, and we intend to continue building out its features and capabilities in the future.”

Convenience is key – using the secure offline Lorex Voice Assistant, users can also easily view, customize and control cameras with simple voice commands, such as:

“Lorex, show me all cameras”
“Lorex, show me all motion events from 2 and 3pm on backyard camera”
“Lorex, turn privacy mode on for all indoor cameras”

Designed with privacy in mind, the Lorex Home Center features multiple safeguard options such as the built-in offline voice assistant with disconnect microphone function, the ability to disable viewing and recording for connected cameras easily with ‘privacy mode’ settings, as well as a lens cover for the built-in camera.

The Lorex Home Center includes security-grade local storage, which includes security-grade local storage to privately store recordings within the device, which means there are NO monthly fees. The user’s home will always be within reach using the Lorex Home app, providing remote access to the Lorex Home Center’s live video and recordings from anywhere.

“This is just the beginning of the IoT home security products Lorex plans to release,” Mr. Gershon added. “Our customers drive us to create innovative, private and reliable security systems that provide peace of mind and integrate home monitoring seamlessly into their day.”

Versatile and compact in design, users will have multiple placement options for the device within their home, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection to a router. Additional features include weather forecast, photo frame functionality and music streaming capabilities that make for an all-encompassing center of the home.

The Lorex Home Center will initially be bundled with two Smart Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Cameras. These smart cameras boast features like Two-Way Talk, Person and Vehicle Detection, and Color Night Vision. The bundle retails for $399.99 US/$449.99 CDN, which can be purchased online at www.Lorex.com and coming soon to national retailers. 

About Lorex Technology

For nearly 30 years, Lorex Technology has been one of the most trusted names in home security. Since its beginning, Lorex has utilized innovative technology to create monitoring solutions to provide peace of mind for our customers. Lorex products are available through retail and ecommerce channels such as Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club across USA, Canada, Mexico and the UK.

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