MagnaCerta Partners with The Commons Project to Enable Trusted Health Data for Global Travel

AUSTIN, Texas, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MagnaCerta and The Commons Project Foundation today announced a strategic partnership where MagnaCerta becomes the latest member to join the CommonTrust Network, a global network of public and private stakeholders committed to empowering individuals with digital access to their health information in an open, interoperable and verifiable way.

As countries seek to relax border restrictions, quarantines and lock-downs, they need a more reliable, trustworthy and efficient way to validate the health status of incoming travelers. Even with low passenger volumes, airports around the world have been plagued with long lines as airline staff and border guards scrutinize easily forged paper-based test and vaccination certificates. Health pass apps and QR codes can help, but only if the test results or vaccination records they contain are verifiable and come from trusted sources.

The Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum launched the CommonTrust Network in collaboration with a broad, voluntary network of public and private stakeholders to help ensure that only verifiable lab results and vaccination records from trusted sources are presented for the purposes of cross-border travel and commerce. The CommonTrust Network serves as a global registry of trusted laboratory, vaccination and health record data sources. It is operated on a not-for-profit basis as an open, shared service for the common good.

The partnership with MagnaCerta will enable health service providers like laboratories, clinics, and pharmacies performing COVID19 testing and administering vaccines to issue health certificates that are compatible with the CommonTrust Network and CommonPass.

“We believe that this is an important step in the right direction for both MagnaCerta and The Commons Project. Time is of the essence, and we must work diligently on reopening our economies in a way that protects both our health and privacy,” said Alfonso Olvera, CEO of MagnaCerta. “The tools MagnaCerta has developed make it feasible for a lab or a clinic to begin issuing verifiable health certificates without complex technical integrations. Our partnership with The Commons Project will enable these credentials to flow into their important network of verifiers such as airlines and governments.”

The CommonTrust Network:

  • Empowers people with digital access to their health information so they can demonstrate their health status while protecting their data privacy.
  • Provides governments a trustworthy model for verification and acceptance of international lab tests and vaccination records, whether digital or paper-based.
  • Supports airlines, airports, cruises, hotels, employers and venues with a privacy-preserving model for verifying health status.

“The Commons Project Foundation welcomes MagnaCerta to the CommonTrust Network, and we look forward to this partnership to assist in widening our data source coverage,” said Paul Meyer, CEO, The Commons Project Foundation. “The shared mission of CommonTrust Network members is to empower individuals with digital access to their health information so they can improve their health, inform their care and demonstrate their health status when they travel, all while protecting their data privacy.”

About MagnaCerta

MagnaCerta was founded in early 2020 by a group of technology veterans in response to the pandemic. MagnaCerta’s team was convened by Co-Founder Paul Maritz, a philanthropist, a top executive at Microsoft during the 1990s and the former CEO of VMWare.

MagnaCerta provides end-to-end solutions for the issuance, transport, and verification of digital health certificates that are secure, inclusive, privacy-respecting, interoperable, and adhering to open standards.

Magnacerta’s tools support the simple and easy onboarding of health service providers without the need for complex technical integration efforts or large data infrastructure. 

Learn more about MagnaCerta at

About The Commons Project Foundation

A non-profit public trust established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, The Commons Project Foundation builds and operates digital platforms and services for the common good. Our mission-driven structure is designed to attract world-class talent to build and sustain digital public services in a way that serves people’s interests above all. Beginning with health information, we are focused on empowering people to access and control their personal data and put it to use for their own benefit.

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Karla Micheel

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