Major Asian GaAs Foundry Orders Multiple Solstice Electroplating Systems from ClassOne

KALISPELL, Mont., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ClassOne Technology (, the global provider of advanced semiconductor plating and surface preparation systems, announced that it has received a multi-tool order from one of the largest Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) foundries in Asia. The order was for ClassOne’s Solstice® S8 systems and included proprietary GoldPro™ processing chambers for advanced gold plating. The announcement was made by ClassOne’s CEO, Byron Exarcos, and Senior Technology Director, John Ghekiere.

“This customer is using the Solstice S8 for high-volume HBT processes on 150mm GaAs wafers,” said Ghekiere. “They’re producing advanced power semiconductor devices that involve several important gold processes, both frontend applications and backend vias. So, they were interested in our GoldPro chamber for a number of reasons: For one thing, it automatically adjusts to a broad range of substrate thicknesses, from nominal-thickness wafers to those that are mounted on thick substrates. So they don’t have to reconfigure for each substrate type.”

“Also, the GoldPro reactor is able to deliver exceptional gold plating uniformity together with high wafer throughput,” said Ghekiere. “In previous generations of gold plating systems, the user generally had to choose between plating quality and processing speed. However, GoldPro is designed to form highly stable flow structures that achieve extremely uniform feature shape without sacrificing plating rate.”

“All of this is producing a steady increase In Solstice sales, notably in high-volume fabs and in Asia,” said Exarcos. “Partly it’s because of Solstice’s performance and flexibility, delivering both high-quality electroplating and surface prep processes on the same tool, which boosts production and ROI. But it’s also because of ClassOne’s high level of customer support in Asia. Many customers are just getting started in advanced electroplating technology, and they depend on us for the deep process experience and technical support they need to get from start-up to full production. For example, many of them count on our ability to provide pre-production sampling through our central Technical Development Center, which can shorten their time frames considerably. It’s this combination of world-class technology and world-class support that’s been driving many of the repeat orders we’ve been receiving across Asia and around the world.”

ClassOne’s Solstice S8 is an eight-chambered, fully-automated single-wafer production tool that delivers high-performance electroplating as well as wafer surface preparation for a range of processes, including cleaning, metal lift-off, resist strip, UBM etch and more. The Solstice series also includes the fully-automated S4 with up to four processing chambers and the semi-automated Solstice LT with up to three chambers for process development or lower-volume production.

About ClassOne Technology

ClassOne Technology ( has become the semiconductor industry’s leading provider of advanced wet-chemical wafer processing equipment for ≤200mm wafers. ClassOne’s popular Solstice® plating and surface preparation systems include the S8 with up to eight chambers and the S4 with up to four chambers for high-speed fully-automated single-wafer production. The Solstice LT provides up to three chambers for process development or lower-volume production. Complementing the Solstice platform, ClassOne has developed a series of proprietary chambers, including the GoldPro™ and CopperMax™, to uniquely optimize specific types of processing. In addition, ClassOne offers the Trident™ product lines of advanced batch-processing spin-rinse-dryers and spray solvent tools. Headquartered in Kalispell, MT, the company has successfully brought new high-performance processing technology to compound semiconductor and many emerging markets that have long been underserved by the older equipment manufacturers. Hundreds of ClassOne tools are now at work in leading fabs and research facilities around the globe, producing many of the world’s most advanced devices, from microLEDs and VCSELs to next-generation RF and sensors.

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Solstice®, GoldPro™ and CopperMax™ are trademarks of ClassOne Technology.

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