Making Work Environments Safer: CRS Notify Releases an Update to their Perfect Panic Button to Include Mac Operating Systems

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the start of 2021, we all reflect on the previous year and all the challenges we have experienced. From the global outbreak of a new virus to the Me Too movement in the United States and wrapping up in civil unrest during the US elections, this has been an eventful year. We all want a way to feel safe and able to focus when we are working. CRS Notify 2.1 provides that solution. The variety of software platforms and hardware choices CRS Notify 2.1 offers, allows businesses and government agency staff of all types to feel safer in their workplace. The new CRS Notify 2.1 introduces a new 100% cloud-based system that works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. A few added features to the software is the ability to attach custom documents to each alert, unlimited color-coded alerts, and the availability to have multiple alerts active at one time. These features combined make CRS Notify 2.1 the right choice for organizations around the world.

When employees feel alone during a threatening situation, we give them a way to let the right resources know that they need help allowing you to feel confident that your staff is protected.

This integrated technology allows for transparent communication between employees and first responders in real-time through features including:

  • Live chat for moment-to-moment updates for all parties
  • Computer and mobile device integration to turn any computer or phone into a silent alarm
  • Compatibility with Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS devices
  • Voice alerts via phone call
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • 911 Integration for different levels of threat
  • Hardware buttons to activate an alert notification (also available in wireless & bluetooth format)

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About Community Response Systems

Community Response Systems is the world leader in proactive silent alarm systems and integrations for companies of all sizes. Used in over nine countries and throughout the United States, the CRS Notify system has rapidly become the gold standard for transparent communications for all staff in the event of an emergency. Where silent alarms have traditionally lacked the sense of security that help is on the way, CRS takes a peace of mind to a whole new level through customizing alerts, real-time communication, and color-coded threat levels.

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