MapBusinessOnline 7.0 Released – Enhanced Map Resolution & Data Filtering

CORNISH, Maine, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of the premier North American business mapping software, released MapBusinessOnline 7.0, a set of enhancements including higher map resolution, expanded dataset filtering capabilities, and additional options for updating imported datasets.

Vector Map Background for Windows 10 Users

MapBusinessOnline 7.0 now provides map creators with the ability to choose Vector formatted map backgrounds. Vector tile construction of map backgrounds enhances the overall map presentation. Users will notice sharper lines and colors. MapBusinessOnline subscribers who use Windows 10 will find the below map improvements due to the introduction of vector map backgrounds:

  • Enhanced map resolutions for large format PDF print files commonly used to create wall maps or marketing maps. Saved PDF map images now offer 300 DPI (dots per inch)
  • General MapBusinessOnline maps will display cleaner and sharper map images across all major and intermediate Map Zoom Levels

Data Filtering Improvements

Data filtering in the MapBusinessOnline 7.0 Data Window now includes several new options.

  • The map view filter checkbox in the Filter section of the Data Window toolbar can be reset by data content or geographic selection. Users may now select to filter by an imported data content or by a geographic map layer
  • Users will now have the option to select more than two data columns for any filter operation. For example: Find all ZIP code records with greater than 10,000 people; and less than 5000 females; and more than 4000 males
  • Data Window filtering now offers additional modifier operations to apply to filter queries, including: one of, not one of, contains one of, doesn’t contain one of
  • A lookup function has been added to the filter modifier option set labeled as ‘one of’ (listed above). Users can now click into any of the ‘one of’ modifiers to find the lookup button in the modifier field

Imported Data Updates

With the release of MapBusinessOnline 7.0, the tool now provides more ways to update data previously imported. MapBusinessOnline requires that a unique ID column be defined in any imported dataset for data updates to process.

Data imported previously may now be updated from the ‘Map and Data’ box by assigning any existing unique ID column to the update process using the new Options button next to the Update Data Set from File button. The Options button presents all the imported data columns for the user to choose from

With the release of MapBusinessOnline 7.0, MapBusinessOnline carries its tradition of user-focused product enhancements.

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