medaptus Assign Expands to Meet Evolving Needs of Hospitalists

BOSTON, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — medaptus today announced that embedded intelligence within its Assign platform has been expanded in to support additional patient assignment scenarios. The hospitalist-centric software optimizes the distribution of patients across attending providers based on rounding model, continuity of care, patient status, workload thresholds, and more.  

Despite hospitalists’ important role as front-line care providers, few technology systems meeting their unique needs have emerged. Though sophisticated hospital EHRs support many clinical workflows, the ongoing process of assigning patients is still typically manual in nature. This usually falls to the hospital medicine team to manage using memory, spreadsheets and a “round robin” for picking up new admissions. However, this approach overlooks the opportunity to align providers with patients by accounting for continuity of care, overall workload, and now even pandemic criteria.

Creating intelligent assignments is only part of the value Assign brings to hospital medicine teams. Once assignments are made, this information is shared by medaptus across clinical team members. This improves the accuracy of rounding lists, making it easier for physicians to complete charge capture, handoff and other tasks. Assign can also update the hospital EHR with the new provider’s name in a timely manner, improving the data integrity of this important source of truth.

“The COVID crisis opened a lot of people’s eyes as to the role of a hospitalist. We are in nearly every hospital but have very little automation at our disposal. With Assign, optimal alignment of providers and patients happens based on intelligence and in line with set census limits. This is a win for patients, providers, and hospitals since making the best assignment at admission sets the stage for positive outcomes,” offered Ryan Secan, medaptus chief medical officer.

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For 20 years, medaptus has applied information technology to solve problems that are common and costly to healthcare organizations that include single-specialty groups, acute care hospitals, hospital medicine teams, ambulatory care settings and cancer centers. Revenue leakage, data silos, disparate systems, and redundant processes lead to diminished productivity and satisfaction. We address those challenges with innovation that extends IT investments, remedies sources of overlooked reimbursement, and streamlines hospital medicine operations for optimized throughput.  medaptus is a unit of Volaris, Inc. Visit us at to learn more about how we help those that heal.

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