Meet Dialogue – an AI-Powered App for Content Creators and Influencers to Monetize with Their Digital Clones

SAN FRANCISCO, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Dialogue announces the launch of its innovative app designed for the creation and monetization of AI-powered digital clones and imaginary characters. The app enables influencers, content creators, actors, celebrities, and educators to build their AI clones with just a few clicks and start monetizing them immediately.

As of today, the monetization functionality is available to all content creators registered within the app upon request. The Dialogue team will respond to everyone who wants to start a monetization account and will help set up the account and create a digital clone or an AI character.

Powered by cutting-edge open-source language models and proprietary GenAI algorithms, Dialogue offers a seamless user experience with advanced lip-sync and high-performance video generation capabilities. It is the first app to offer a truly customized dialogue experience with digital clones of influencers and celebrities in real-time via video messages, setting a new industry standard.

Dialogue offers a Freemium monetization model that provides subscribers of the Pro version the opportunity to interact with the digital clones of their favorite people and characters anytime via personalized video messages. This feature caters to the growing demand for direct and personal communication in digital fan engagement.

Angela Henderson, a model, dancer, and content creator from LA, shares her experience with Dialogue App: “It’s a really fun and innovative idea. It creates a connection and a new experience for my fans to explore. The idea of having a twin in a digital form is an awesome idea and so futuristic. I’m excited to be a part of this and I’m sure my fans will too. I believe this is the future of blogging.”

Since the soft launch of a test version of the app 7 months ago, Dialogue has attracted 1.04 million early adopters with 150,000 monthly active users (MAU) and more than 10,000 paid users (PMAU). Now, Dialogue has 10 times higher average revenue per users (ARPU) than Most of the current Dialogue users are males aged 35-40, who are single or feel lonely even in relationships. The app’s growing popularity underscores a trend predicted by CB Insight for 2024 – an explosion in AI friendships and companionship apps.

“We live in the time of the epidemic of loneliness, which began even before the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Jura Fitzgerald, Dialogues’ Founder and CEO. “In 1960, single-person households accounted for only 13% of all U.S. households. By 2022, that number had more than doubled, to 29%, according to the USDHHS. People are spending more free time alone than ever. We have built an AI-powered tool to help fill this gap, giving people a way to communicate with clones of their favorite actors and influencers, which would be nearly impossible in the physical world. Dialogue can also serve as a social skills training tool, emotional support buddy, or as an educational app allowing conversations with historical figures or book characters.”

Dialogue advocates for the responsible and safe use of AI, adopting a human-centric approach and promoting ethical practices in the use of generative algorithms. AI-powered scripts manage content moderation, with human moderators intervening when necessary. To prevent user confusion and the spread of deep fakes, any video reposted elsewhere is clearly marked as AI-generated.

“Our team upholds strict digital personality protection standards and will suspend any user who exploits someone else’s personality, deleting their infringing content,” adds Fitzgerald.


Svitlana Rahimova
PR and Communications at Dialogue


SOURCE Dialogue