Melrose Systems Releases an Online Catalog to Accelerate the Work of Design Engineers

HAYWARD, Calif., Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Melrose Systems today announced the release of a brand-new online catalog available on the company’s website. The catalog was designed to address the most common problems design engineers experience during the early stages of the process – namely, the acquisition of sample parts, tools, and accessories required for their project.

Engineers who design products need to find the right parts, tools, accessories quickly. They have no time for developing them during the first stages of the project – that is why they search for readily available solutions. By allowing engineers to order such elements and sharing a lot of technical information, the online catalog created by Melrose Nameplate & Label Co streamlines the design process significantly.

"We launched the online catalog because we saw a clear need for such a resource of the market. Many engineers who approach us are on the lookout for a method that would allow them to quickly test their design hypotheses. The catalog of items that are available immediately helps to solve this problem, accelerating the design process and helping businesses to achieve a faster time-to-market for increased competitive advantage," said Christian Somers, President, and CEO of Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.

The company plans to expand the catalog in the future, focusing on areas such as TFT, e-paper, and OLED displays.

About Melrose Nameplate & Label Co

Melrose Nameplate & Label Co is an experienced manufacturer of custom nameplates, labels, decals, membrane switches, keypads, graphic overlays, and product identification. Founded in 1939 in the historic Melrose District of Oakland, California, the company has since championed an unrivaled manufacturing process and quality, serving businesses around the world. The company has its headquarters facility in Silicon Valley.

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