MFFAIS – Simple Finance App Can Improve Multiple Wellness Factors in Struggling Population

LONG BEACH, Calif., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This year, MFFAIS entered the market as a simple finance tool that allows users privacy and practicality to establish the groundwork for financial security. The free budgeting app, which is available across multiple platforms, offers users future-based analytics up to 365 days in advance with no bank account connection required – making it a safe, secure way for anyone to understand their financial wellbeing by simply opening the app and checking their status.

MFFAIS utilizes a two-screen minimalistic format to help users get easy access to the question, "Can I afford it?" After the initial setup, where users manually enter their expected income and monthly expenses, the home page shows users their current and future status, providing any warnings necessary – including the date the user may run out of funds if action isn’t taken. The second page is a running balance where users can add or clear transactions. Most users find the information they need by simply visiting the homepage.

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 Stress in America Survey, money is a significant source of stress for 61% of adults in the country. The same organization highlights the effects of chronic stress on the body – which can lead to poor health outcomes, loss of income, and unexpected medical expenses for an already struggling population.

In April, researchers from George Washington University’s Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center released a report identifying lack of financial literacy as a significant risk factor for stress and anxiety among respondents. Sixty percent of people reported feeling stress just thinking about their finances, and 33% said they had occasionally overdrawn their checking account over the past year. One respondent highlighted her apprehensiveness regarding her ability to make daily decisions, "It’s those little decisions, those constant little decisions on [expenses for my children]. That’s exhausting… And it’s just a little hum in the back of your mind, but it’s there."

MFFAIS is a tool that takes the worry out of financial decision-making by streamlining users’ thought processes regarding finances. It offers assurances regarding financial health on the homepage, solutions-based warnings when the user is in danger of overdrawing their account, and long-term financial wellness information for up to a year in advance. The app’s ability to change the way users perceive their financial health is further illustrated by a research paper published in the July issue of Strategic Change. The report highlights the importance of financial app use in helping people make informed decisions when budgeting and notes that a simple interface leads to better outcomes for users’ long-term financial health.

MFFAIS is a free tool available to Android users in the Google Play Store and is also available in the Apple App Store. Interested parties can learn more by visiting or by contacting


MFAAIS is a simple financial planning app that helps users garner their fiscal future up to 365 days in advance – no bank account connection required. With a minimalistic setup, users enter their monthly income and expenses. The intuitive tool predicts financial outcomes and warns of impending challenges using a two-page interface for stress-free access to financial budgeting. Download at

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