Millimeter Wave Market Fueling Up for Take-Off

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This week, industry authority Mobile Experts released a promising forecast detailing a complete view of 5G mm-wave from end to end, including architectural details for networks, CPEs, and UEs.

This new report describes the driving factor for investment as the need to increase capacity to support deepening demand for data. The never-ending growth of broadband data demand is pushing operators to invest aggressively in millimeter wave networks.

Now past the trial phase, the leading mm-wave network operators are now using the technology as a tool in balancing mobile broadband and fixed broadband customers. The operators are also showing strong support for mm-wave through subsidies in the handset world.

“In the Mobile Experts 5G Broadband Business Case, we calculated the maximum capacity possible in a major USA network, using all possible bands below 6 GHz.  Our most recent calculation shows that major American networks will hit 100% of sub-6GHz capacity in dense pockets within key cities in 2023.  Consequently, it is no surprise that US Operators are in the forefront of mm-wave rollouts,” commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara.

According to the Mobile Experts forecast, each country that uses millimeter wave in the mobile network will balance its use of C-band and mm-wave spectrum.   The detailed forecast provides a clear view of how each country will ramp up to higher volume and higher handset adoption, according to traffic density benchmarks and saturation of C-band spectrum.

“In the long-term forecast, we expect the United States, Korea, and Japan to expand the mm-wave rollout as the demand for data will undoubtedly move up and to the right. China will begin to contribute to RU demand in 2023 and will fuel the second large wave of deployments,” commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara. “This is the next major wave of infrastructure worldwide, because only mm-wave networks can meet the huge demand of the 5G era.”

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This report includes key breakdowns in its 2020-2026 global forecast:

  • Radio deployment by standard;
  • Radio deployment by frequency band;
  • Radio deployment by ORAN status;
  • Radio shipments by beam configuration;
  • Radio shipments by massive MIMO array size;
  • Radio shipments by SA and NSA status;
  • Radio shipments by indoor and outdoor;
  • Radio shipments by backhaul approach (fiber, IAB, wireless backhaul);
  • Radio shipments by world region;
  • Radio shipments by OEM (market share);
  • Handset, PC, tablet, and IoT device shipments by frequency band;
  • Handset and other device shipments by world region; and
  • CPE shipments for Fixed Wireless Access by frequency band.

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  • Full access to the 5G Millimeter Wave 2021 report;
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