MobiDev Explains Benefits of Progressive Web Apps in 2022

ATLANTA, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — While talking about web development, Progressive Web Apps have been a buzzword for a while. But will your company benefit from going down the PWA road? Read about the pros and cons of this technology and see how you can benefit from it in 2022.

Progressive web apps are by their nature an evolving trend. A survey of e-commerce decision makers revealed that 9% of e-commerce companies planned on investing in progressive web apps (PWA) in 2021. Research suggests that the financial value of the progressive web application market will reach a value of 10.77 billion dollars by 2027, representing annual growth of over 30% between now and that time.

The main benefit of PWA design is that it is mostly platform-independent. This point combined with the fact that PWAs are inherently installable makes an app’s rollout onto multiple platforms easy. PWAs also enjoy the benefits of modern website design in that they are responsive and lightweight. An added benefit of PWAs as distinct web apps is that they are discoverable by search engine indexing.

The major drawback to PWA design is that there are some limitations on platform and hardware support. Since PWAs run in a browser, they do not have direct access to all of the capabilities of a platform that a native app built using a platform’s SDK, would have access to. Some platforms also have restricted support for these apps, though support and capabilities are constantly evolving. However, every major platform including iOS, Mac, Android, and PC now offers some level of PWA support.

Should you use PWA in 2022 and beyond?
If your product strategy requires fast market entry and coverage of multiple platforms with a single codebase – PWA might be a choice. Progressive web apps allow startup companies to quickly and easily develop and distribute a progressive web app and benefit from the minimal time and money needed to roll out the app in the case of limited resources. Larger corporations can also benefit from providing value to their users with limited access to high-performance platforms or who prefer a more streamlined, lightweight experience.

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