MobiDev Listed Top-3 Alternatives to Apache Cordova

ATLANTA, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Future trends of cross-platform mobile development are already starting to emerge, and it appears that Apache Cordova won’t be included in the list of frameworks that power hybrid web apps for mobile devices. MobiDev reviewed alternatives that can be used to power up your product in 2022. We suggest considering the following frameworks as alternatives to Cordova:

* Flutter
* React Native
* Ionic

Flutter is the most flexible technology to build UI at the moment. It has a full set of material and cupertino widgets that aren’t provided by other frameworks. Flutter architecture enables apps based on it to work with the same performance or even faster than Java or Kotlin Android apps. We can define custom painted views and custom layouts without the need to opt into native platforms. Releases in Flutter are stable and don’t break apps — changes are made by Google and Apple in a timely manner. Developer preview versions for creating web applications and desktop applications are also notable.

Based on JavaScript, React Native uses bridge architecture for all views, which leads to some issues while implementing animations and working with views that report updates. The customizability of React Native can be assessed in terms of custom paint usage. It’s accessible, yet limited and has poor documentation. There is no way to define custom layouts without opting into a native platform. Functionality that allows building modules and views from native views and reusing of native libraries is the same as in the case of Flutter. If considering the stability of React Native — it is in Beta.

In Ionic it is possible to use any UI library for the web, but unfortunately, the patterns for web and mobile devices are different, so these libraries are usually not optimized for mobile devices, which causes a lot of issues with UX & performance. Ionic uses wrapper architecture for the whole application. JavaScript has a huge community, and the platform enables the reusing of JavaScript libraries.

If you are not intending to rewrite your project in the near future, consider other options instead of Cordova in 2022.

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Nana Hrytsenko