MobiDev Shares Approach to SSO Implementation for Enterprise Applications

ATLANTA, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to Research and Markets, the global Single Sign-on Market is predicted to reach $2.2 Billion by 2027. SSO deployment is a complex and time-consuming task for legacy solutions. Knowing possible difficulties with the existing approaches, MobiDev experts went further to coin their own approach.

Our experience is related to the SSO implementation between two mobile applications built with different versions of NativeScript – app1 and app2. But in fact, the described approach to SSO is identical for both native and cross-platform applications.

Using SSO between mobile applications requires opening the browser, WebView, InAppBrowser, which will log in and, after closing, open a second application. We strived to create something more convenient and found the solution that suited everyone. The solution lies in opening one application from another via the deep link functionality (deep links send the user directly to the specific in-app location) – and then the magic happens.

Each application will have its own settings and IDs that are unique in the system of the identity server. All changes will be made only by UI teams, and the solution will work with any identity providers that have code flow.

More detailed information about Single Sign-on (SSO) implementation approaches can be found at:

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