Mobile Experts has Drawn the Map of the Edge

CAMPBELL, Calif., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Experts released an Expert INSIGHT this week that answers key questions about the developing Edge market, like:

  • Where will the Edge Data center be positioned?
  • Who will own the real estate?
  • What apps are driving the Edge today?
  • Will the Edge live on the public network or on islands of private networks?
  • How many Edge Data Centers can we expect to be deployed in the near term?

“People want to know—will mobile edge computing be driven by the telco, running its own RAN? Or is it driven by industrial automation applications with robots and video analysis? Will investment be driven by consumer applications such as online gaming and AR/VR? The answer is that all of them have a role to play,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. “We foresee the highest rates of growth over the next few years to be targeted to certain applications, which are detailed in the report, with one particular application dominating the largest dollar value.”

Over the last two years, Mobile Experts has mapped out the revenue sharing models for each application area, based on the leverage held by the telco, the hyperscale cloud provider, and the enterprise customer. Latency and other technical factors play a role, but the business roles will depend on non-technical business factors. Generally speaking, the telco holds the best leverage in consumer applications such as gaming and streaming, where the telco has a relationship with the end customer and can manage the offering/pricing to best advantage.

“We believe the next four years will determine much of the structure of the Edge Computing ecosystem. We also foresee consumer use cases will determine the structure of investments, as well as the locations of the initial data centers,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden.

Mobile Experts has done the leg work in this report by breaking down the crucial details, calculating latency requirements and other technical factors,  and offering them in a quick, concise report that is available today.

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