NetSTAR Offers a Threat Intelligence Feed Replacement for Cyren’s OEM Customers

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NetSTAR Inc., the global leader in URL, IP Address, and Web Application categorization and threat intelligence solutions for OEMs, is announcing its assistance to OEMs using Cyren’s threat intelligence and anti-phishing feeds but are now in need of an alternative or replacement since the company’s recent announcement of intent to explore liquidation. NetSTAR is now offering a seamless transition to its own threat intelligence feed, inSITE™, at significantly reduced or no cost through 2023.

NetSTAR’s inSITE Threat Intelligence™ solution delivers dynamic, real-time threat intelligence data on phishing; malicious URLs, domains, and IPs; and suspicious IPs for OEM partners to consume and embed into their own cybersecurity products.

A Multi-layered Approach to Threat Detection and Intelligence Gathering

inSITE leverages a multi-layered approach to threat intelligence and anti-phishing by combining real-time contextual analysis, predictive analytics, and malware scan detection across a broad spectrum of intelligence points to analyze billions of global URLs, domains, and IPs. Further in-depth analysis by NetSTAR’s 80+ malware scan engines and honeypot/sandbox arrays empower it to continuously identify and categorize URL- and IP-based threats.

Partners using inSITE receive critical information concerning malicious URLs, domains, and IPs, including the threat type, date of detection, threat level, geolocation, and interlinking relationship information.

Detection Across a Vast Spectrum of Intelligence Points

NetSTAR monitors telemetry data from over 1.6 billion endpoints worldwide to look for internet threats. NetSTAR-protected endpoints span service providers, mobile operators, network gateway vendors, antivirus vendors, firewall companies, and advertising network vendors.

Additionally, NetSTAR has partnered with some of the industry’s most reputable and advanced security companies, including anti-phishing and anti-spam vendors, as well as feeds and information provided by law enforcement and government institutions, to verify that inSITE includes comprehensive threat intelligence for hundreds of partners worldwide.

NetSTAR is a proud sponsoring member of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), an international consortium that attempts to eliminate fraud and identify theft caused by phishing and related incidents.

In-Depth Analysis & Data Enrichment with inSITE™AI Analyzer

Detected and suspicious threats are distributed to the backend inSITE AI Analyzer upon discovery and begin a variety of targeted assessments, including prior risk history, associations analysis, and other proprietary AI evaluations. These systems work to confirm, enrich, monitor, and reassess threats and quantify the significance as the threat landscape matures.

About NetSTAR

Since 2001, NetSTAR has been the global leader in OEM integrated solutions for URL, IP Address, and Web Application categorization and threat intelligence.

NetSTAR’s versatile family of technologies categorizes over 36 billion URLs across 200+ categories, giving OEM partners visibility into the ever-changing internet landscape. NetSTAR captures & analyzes web content telemetry data from over 1.6 billion endpoints via a 5th-generation dynamic categorization system which includes hundreds of content analysis engines, dozens of malware scan/detection engines, real-time proxy avoidance detection, support for more than 200 languages, and human review.

NetSTAR technology generates website categorization; reputation data scores; threat intelligence for malware, phishing, botnets, spyware, anonymous proxy servers, and more.

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