Network Solutions Provider a Leader in Business Technology Optimization and Security, and CyGlass Form a Strategic Partnership to Include CyGlass’ Network Defense as a Service Solution in its Product Portfolio

LITTLETON, Mass. and MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CyGlass, a leading SaaS AI-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform, and Network Solutions Provider (NSP), a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions from world-class vendors that help their Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and end-users provide the best of breed solutions to their customers, announced the addition of CyGlass to further strengthen its clients’ cyber defenses to protect sensitive customer data and digital assets.

With CyGlass Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS) solution you can:

  • Detect network anomalies with proven scalable AI that continuously learns while monitoring your network activity without additional hardware, software, or people
  • Receive “SmartAlerts” & prioritized event notifications on suspicious network activity
  • Gain visibility of your network threat landscape and respond quickly to malicious insiders or motivated attackers
  • Automatically identify assets on your network and prioritize layered security zones
  • Create comprehensive reports on threats, assets, and network behavior

Cyber risk is one of the biggest challenges facing firms today, no industry, company or business is not a potential target.  With CyGlass’ NDaaS, NSP can now incorporate a Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution into its cloud security and managed service offerings. This partnership extends NSPs security capabilities by leveraging CyGlass’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Analytics to offer solutions and services that help our partners solve their customers’ security challenges and deliver value by securing their critical assets and data. 

In recent years, more than 50% of breaches were a result of “advanced cyber threats”. The failure of existing security technologies to be able to provide visibility in your network against unknown attacks and rogue assets that are dependent upon security analysts sifting through an overwhelming volume of logs and alerts has resulted in 70% of “advanced threats” going undetected.

Relying on signatures or rule-based security products is not only ineffective, but it leaves organizations more exposed and inundated companies with false positives and no way to identify or block the threat.

“The threats are changing, as we change how our customers do business, no IT vendor can do it all. So strategic alliances are often a key to success in delivering quality protection for clients and customers big and small. Businesses want and need  operational insight, by partnering with CyGlass and deploying the Network Defense as a Service solution our clients have a solid security foundation that allows them to rest comfortably at night.” — Phillip Walker Customer Advocate CEO

“CyGlass provides an affordable SaaS solution for network anomaly detection. The mission of CyGlass is to make advanced cybersecurity technology accessible to organizations of all sizes.  CyGlass provides the essential network security controls behind the firewall and in the cloud that medium enterprises need to operate safely.  NSPs focus on the small and medium-sized businesses makes them a valuable partner as we expand our business in North America,” said Ed Jackowiak, President of CyGlass Inc.

Company network architectures are especially vulnerable as traditional security products struggle to protect them effectively from advanced network threats. Networks are at risk of being breached unless security responses are automated by comprehensively applying AI with self-learning technologies. Companies today are already leveraging AI to provide enhanced visibility, improved productivity, and greater precision in defending their networks and assets from cyberattacks. The key to CyGlass’s effective NDaaS solution lies in focusing on the most critical threats.

To survive the modern, sophisticated attacker, companies need AI to create actionable intelligence. Only then will organizations be able to keep their critical IT assets and networks secure.”

CyGlass and NSP will be jointly presenting at the Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) in Newport Beach, CA on Monday, September 21, and in Waltham, MA on Wednesday, September 23.  More information about the event can be found at


CyGlass is a leading provider of Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions that allow customers of all sizes to uncover, pinpoint, and respond to advanced cyber threats that have evaded traditional security controls. CyGlass’s mission is to provide organizations with a new level of intelligence to defend against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Its asset oriented, risk-based approach to threat detection and mitigation focuses attention on the emerging attacks which pose the greatest risk. CyGlass is a subsidiary of Nominet Inc.

Nominet is driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security, and inclusivity online. For over 20 years, Nominet has run the .UK internet infrastructure, developing an expertise in the Domain Name System (DNS) that now underpins sophisticated network detection and response solutions that are used by governments and enterprises to mitigate cyber threats.  Our public benefit program aims to improve the lives of one million people, providing support and opportunities to tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people today. In February 2020, Nominet acquired Boston based cybersecurity company CyGlass.

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Network Solutions Provider empowers the leading innovative transformations. Market shifts and technology trends demand fresh thinking. We help clients capitalize on trends and anticipate what’s ahead. We combine years of experience running innovative systems with the latest digital innovations to deliver better business outcomes.

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