New Cornerstone Research: Attracting Qualified Talent is Community Financial Institutions’ Greatest Concern for 2022

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new research report from Cornerstone Advisors reveals that attracting qualified talent is the top concern for banks and credit unions in 2022. This concern was cited by 65% of surveyed bank and credit union executives, up from just 19% in 2021.

What’s Going On In Banking 2022: Rebounding From the Revenue Recession, authored by Ron Shevlin, chief research officer at Cornerstone Advisors and noted fintech expert, is a study conducted annually to identify key industry trends as well as the outlooks, concerns, and strategic priorities of community-based financial institution executives.

"The ‘great resignation’ is real," said Steve Williams, president of Cornerstone Advisors. "Bank of America’s $25 an hour announcement is a signal across the bow that we’re going to have to do more with higher paid people using technology."

In addition, Williams said, not executing on creating a "nextgen" workplace could very well be the constraint to growth for banks still operating in their traditional models.

The report explores a wide range of banking industry trends, including new products, M&A, fintech, payments, digital transformation, and emerging technology.

Among select study findings:

  • The regulatory burden and cybersecurity also rank high on FIs’ list of concerns.
  • Three in 10 banks and a quarter of credit unions plan to implement real-time payments in 2022. However, 37% of banks and 42% of credit unions haven’t determined their RTP strategy.
  • Roughly one in 10 financial institutions plans to launch cryptocurrency investing/trading services in 2022. Currently, just 1% of banks and no credit unions offer the service.
  • FI executives who see fintech companies as a significant competitive threat increased in 2022.
  • More than half of banks and nearly two-thirds of credit unions see an improved environment for M&A deals in 2022 over 2021. 

The report’s subtheme is Rebounding From the Revenue Recession. "Bank’s spectacular profits in 2021 mask a deeper problem," Shevlin maintains in the report, "a revenue recession, which has been happening over the past three years on three fronts: payments displacement, the impending mortgage revenue drop, and the overdraft fee free-fall."

Rebounding, according to Shevlin, will require banks and credit unions to deliver new products and services, serve new customers and geographic markets, and employ a new strategic focus. "The ‘troublemakers’ are already doing it," he concludes.

What’s Going On In Banking 2022 presents data from a survey of 300 bank and credit union executives conducted in the fourth quarter of 2021. It is the seventh in a series published by Cornerstone Advisors.

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