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LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The user can record their personal history with ease by using the website’s built-in HD video recording feature that uses the camera from a laptop, tablet or phone. It’s possible to add pics, videos, docs, music and more from their device, the cloud or their social sites.

There are more that 100 thoughtful questions they call Story Starters that will guide the user through every important moment in their life.

The user can invite their family to answer questions like, “What were you like in High School ?”. They will simply click to record their responses for free without ever having to sign up or sign in.

Other features include: Creating pages for weddings, vacations, creating tributes to lost-loved ones, time capsules, future messages, personal journals and more.

The user can invite anyone to contribute to each page via Facebook or email. Every stunning page creation is securely stored forever in their online Memory Vault.

Founder, Howard Hanna, “Too many of our loved ones pass on without sharing their lives with us. The few pictures we have don’t tell the stories behind them. Social platforms offer instant messages that act like news feeds, but don’t archive well.”

Howard Hanna, “It’s a great way to document a life. Our website lets members stay connected with their family and friends for generations to come. Their content will tell their family history. It will also ensure that they will never be forgotten.”

Howard Hanna, “My beautiful wife, Chirelle and I started talking about the loss of her grandmother and my father and how our lost loved-ones didn’t have an outlet besides social media to tell their stories. Their history was simply erased.

We’ve spent the last 3 years crafting to the best of our ability an online creative tool that allows anyone to video record, save and share their memories. Living Legacies will hopefully be that tool to ensure no one is ever forgotten.”

Living Legacies is FREE FOR 30 DAYS and then $7.99/month. Cancel Anytime.

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Howard Hanna, Founder/CEO

Living Legacies
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