Northern Light Launches Field Intelligence Analyst Application for SinglePoint Knowledge Management Portals

New content collection app structures and simplifies the capture and sharing of intelligence gleaned from sales and support calls and other in-market interactions

BOSTON, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Northern Light® ( today announced Field Intelligence Analyst (FIA), a new add-on application for its SinglePoint™  enterprise knowledge management portals used in market and competitive intelligence.  FIA is a voice-driven app that conducts a structured interview with a sales or service representative reporting on a call with a customer or prospect, designed to elicit insights gleaned during the call.  Once entered into FIA, the employee’s report is transcribed and, along with any related documents or images, is automatically uploaded to the organization’s SinglePoint portal, where it is indexed and stored as a searchable insights collection so it can be readily available to others in the organization to whom it may be useful.

“FIA is an example of Northern Light innovating in response to customer needs,” C. David Seuss, Northern Light’s CEO, said. “A European pharmaceutical company had a need to streamline the process of capturing field intelligence.  Without FIA, the field intelligence was reported hit or miss in email messages and would then disappear as the next day’s tidal wave of email messages poured in. With FIA, the field intelligence becomes a curated, searchable, findable, and alertable knowledge asset of the company.”

FIA can conduct structured interviews in English and various European languages; a user can interact with the app by speaking or typing.  Also, images can be attached to interview transcripts, which is helpful at industry conferences and sales meetings.

FIA is one of several tools Northern Light has developed to facilitate the management or creation of primary research content for its SinglePoint portals.  Northern Light also offers Primary Research Manager, an application that manages the workflow of primary research projects, and the Compliance Engine, which ensures all market research projects are compliant with the myriad of regulations and standards governing market research around the world. 

“Fia means ‘flickering fire’ in German,” added Seuss. “We think of our FIA tool as providing a flickering fire of field intelligence that can ignite a roaring flame of market insights.”

FIA is an optional add-on to SinglePoint; it is available immediately.  Pricing is available upon request.

About Northern Light

Northern Light has been providing knowledge management platforms for competitive intelligence and market research insights to global enterprises since 1996.  Northern Light’s current clients include Fortune 1000 leaders across multiple industries such as information technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and life sciences.  Northern Light has over 250,000 users of its strategic research portals.  Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Northern Light has repeatedly been recognized as one of KMWorld‘s “AI 50” – the companies empowering intelligent knowledge management – and is a charter member of the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

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