NuCurrent Extends High Frequency Wireless Power Capabilities to New Product Categories with NuEVA HF Development Platform

CHICAGO, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NuCurrent announced today the launch of its NuEva HF Development Platform which provides innovative options for product developers interested in wireless charging. The platform – which is based on inductive resonant power transfer – brings new functionality and benefits compared to RF-based methods and inductive-based charging methods like Qi.

“There are a great number of product categories that aren’t well-served by RF and inductive charging,” said CEO, Jacob Babcock. “NuEva HF delivers power levels about 1,000X higher than RF and it provides positioning flexibility about 100X that of Qi, plus it offers the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. So, for the first time, manufacturers are finding an option that really meets the needs for their products.”

The NuEva HF platform operates at 6.78MHz, the same frequency as the standard developed by the AirFuel Alliance. This high-frequency method of power transfer delivers:

  • Multi-device charging from a single transmitter
  • Greater spatial freedom and positioning flexibility
  • High system efficiencies and uniform charging zones
  • Power levels up to 300W

“NuEva HF represents a generational leap forward for inductive resonant power transfer,” said Babcock. “From gaming and robotics to personal transportation and medical devices, product developers are now discovering a proven path to wireless power with NuCurrent.”

NuEva HF offers several patented and proprietary technologies developed by NuCurrent including:

  • Surface “repeater” technology that extends charging surface areas using low-cost passive electronics driven from a single power source. 
  • Multi-layer, multi-turn (MLMT) antennas that increase efficiencies and lower thermals
  • Methods for cost-effective EMI mitigation
  • In-band communications for reduced cost system (compared to Bluetooth)
  • Options for power transfer through a variety of materials (metal, tissue)

Watch the full technology demonstration to see NuCurrent’s NuEva HF platform in action:

For more information on determining which wireless power transfer method is appropriate for specific applications, product developers are encouraged to register for the upcoming To Qi or Not to Qi webinar, hosted by NuCurrent on Wednesday, March 31 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM CT. The session will close with a live audience Q&A.

About NuCurrent
NuCurrent supplies Fortune 1000 companies and other high-flying product developers with wireless power technologies and product integration expertise. Our core technologies span magnetics, software and systems simulation. We have generated over 150 patents granted and pending globally, and unparalleled internal tools that enhance speed to market, improve product performance and mitigate major development risks. Our broad systems integration expertise supports manufacturers of appliances, smartphones, wearables, hearables, consumer electronics, medical devices, robotics, IoT, sporting equipment and other emerging product categories.

NuCurrent solutions are based on inductive and inductive resonant wireless power transfer which offers convenience, safety, efficiency, and enhanced user experience. Founded in 2009, we are a venture-backed company headquartered in Chicago.

Mike Harmon, Director of Marketing

SOURCE NuCurrent