Nuvi Launches Engage 3.0: Social Customer Care for Enterprise

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nuvi, the Social Customer Experience (CX) company, announces the release of their new social customer care software: Engage 3.0. As an Enterprise customer service solution, Nuvi Engage streamlines social media customer engagement across platforms, increasing customer satisfaction, growth, and loyalty.

Enterprise customer service teams receive thousands or more social messages, comments, and mentions every day. This sheer amount of customer engagements just on social media is unmanageable. Yet, a study by Forrester found that 80% of consumers utilize social platforms to engage with brands. Realizing this need, Nuvi set out to create a social customer experience platform that organizes and enhances a customer services team’s ability to assist customers at scale and reduce churn.

Nuvi Engage’s primary feature is auto-categorization of incoming messages utilizing Nuvi’s industry-leading Language Processing engine. Incoming messages are filtered based on rules brands set so the appropriate message goes to the right team, whether it is by language, keyword, or high negative sentiment (high crisis potential). As such, Enterprise customer success teams can focus on the messages they’re specialized in and high priority content can be addressed immediately.

“Social media has become a major part of customer experience.” Jake Jenne, the Software Engineering Manager at Nuvi, explains the motivation behind Nuvi Engage. “Consumers hope and often expect to be heard online and brands who can engage with those customers in real-time maintain higher reputations. Nuvi’s new Engage product uses AI to help bring the most important messages to the surface, allowing our clients to truly engage with their consumers while saving time and money.”

Nuvi Engage’s customizable queues and collaboration features save valuable time for customer service representatives and reduce costs. As they focus on increasing the customer experience of each engagement through Nuvi Engage, customer success representatives can reduce attrition and operation costs by as much as 29% and 20%, respectively.

By providing social customer care with Nuvi, businesses create personal connections with customers and foster active online communities that develop long-term brand loyalty.

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