Octavo Systems Releases the OSDZU3-REF Development Platform for the AMD-Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC System-in-Package

HOUSTON, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Octavo Systems LLC, a leading provider of System-in-Package (SiP) solutions, has officially released its latest offering, the OSDZU3-REF Development Platform. This platform gives system designers a comprehensive development environment for evaluating, testing, and starting product development using the OSDZU3 System-in-Package (SiP).

Built around the AMD-Xilinx ZU3 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, the OSDZU3 SiP integrates LPDDR4, a Flexible Power System, EEPROM, Oscillators, and hundreds of passive components into a compact 20.5mm x 40mm BGA.

The OSDZU3-REF platform features standard peripherals such as 1Gb Ethernet, USB-C, Display Port, and SATA, and provides expandability through PMOD headers, Mikroe Click™, standard 100Mil headers, and an FMC LPC Connector. It also features an Onboard μUSB JTAG debugger, a μUSB UART connection and access to both SYSMON and PMBUS through standard 100mil connectors.

Octavo Systems leveraged the integration provided by the OSDZU3 SiP to create the OSDZU3-REF using just four PCB layers with low-cost design rules. “The OSDZU3-REF highlights the benefits of using an Octavo SiP to simplify and reduce the cost of your system,” says Erik Welsh, CTO of Octavo Systems. “Without the OSDZU3 SiP, this reference platform would need 8 to 12 layers with much more complex design rules to support the AMD-Xilinx MPSoC, the power system, and the LPDDR4.”

OSDZU3-REF Software

Octavo Systems worked with DesignLinx Hardware Solutions, Inc. to generate the software used by the OSDZU3-REF. It comes with a SD card that is preloaded with a Linux distribution that has support for all of the peripherals and interfaces on the platform, including a GUI that can be controlled via a keyboard and mouse. It also has support for a Touch LVDS display and the PMOD expansions implemented in the Programmable Logic.

Helping Customers Get Started

The OSDZU3-REF is an entirely open-source platform. The complete schematics and layout in their native Eagle format are available to freely download from the Octavo Systems website. Also, all the provided software and projects to generate the software is also available through free downloads. The software was developed using the standard AMD-Xilinx tools and development flow.

“Everything we do is designed to make it as easy as possible for our customers to accomplish their goals. Our mantra is Innovation through Integration, which starts with the design of the System-in-Package and continues to the open-source design of the OSDZU3-REF, and to the open-source software developed by DesignLinx,” adds Harley Walsh, President of Octavo Systems. “Providing all of this gives our customers known good starting points they can leverage to begin their own designs, allowing them to focus on their application, and in cases saving nine months of design.”


The OSDZU3-REF is now shipping in limited quantities and can be ordered through Octavo Systems’ distribution partner Avnet.

Engineering Samples of the OSDZU3 System-in-Package are available to customers in the Beta Program today and will be in full production in Q2 of 2023.

About Octavo Systems: 

Octavo Systems is a System-in-Package Solution provider. Octavo Systems promotes Innovation through Integration by providing highly integrated system building blocks that remove complex and tedious tasks from the electronics design process, eliminating barriers for system designers of all sizes who want the benefits of miniaturization, integration, and simplified supply chains.

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