Open RAN Adoption to Surge Through 2025

CAMPBELL, Calif., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Just released: a new Open RAN report from Mobile Experts produced by popular demand.  

The report anticipates an ORAN adoption tidal wave in the next few years, but illustrates where companies trying to surf the wave will hit the rocks.

Mobile Experts addresses the RU/DU interface (ORAN Fronthaul) and the DU/CU interface (F1), and presents a detailed forecast for the type of radio hardware to be deployed. The report assesses adoption at two levels:

  1. How many radios must be compatible with ORAN interface specs
  2. How many Radio Units (RUs) will be purchased independently from the Distributed Unit (DU)

“ORAN has become a hot topic in 2020. Investments have ramped up significantly,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. “Almost every company in the Radio Access market is looking into ORAN, which will be the choice solution for coverage problems. ORAN hardware and software can be cheaper while achieving similar coverage as traditional architectures.”

Three years ago, Mobile Experts predicted that ORAN will be used for coverage but not for high capacity.  That conclusion has now proven to be precisely correct, so Mobile Experts has included in this new report the specific use cases that will manifest through 2025.

“We’re looking down the pipeline at rapid adoption of ORAN specifications worldwide,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. “All the operators we interviewed intend to require compliance with ORAN fronthaul and F1 interfaces.  But we have also identified some major performance issues with ORAN networks in high-density applications. This report describes some specific features and applications where ORAN will not be used widely.”

This report includes detailed cost analysis that compares ORAN networks to ‘vendor optimized’ networks in various scenarios, comparing cost per square kilometer in rural scenarios and cost per GB in urban scenarios. More than 36 charts and diagrams are included to illustrate the details of the technology and the forecast.

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Rachel Winningham
Mobile Experts Inc.

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