Play the Starring Role in the World’s First Set of Metaverse Movies Right from Your Smartphone

LONDON, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Visualax founder Amith Lankesar has beaten Hollywood to create the world’s first set of metaverse adventure-style movies.

Better still, the user can take on the leading role in the three-dimensional augmented reality (AR) world just by downloading the Visualax app.

"Once in the metaverse world, it’s an adventure because you’re no longer just a spectator, but part of the movie interacting with digital characters just like the holodeck in Star Trek," said Lankesar.

In fact, the holodeck and Sci-Fi was the main motivation for Lankesar who spent years creating Visualax, which takes people to several immersive themed interactive worlds. These worlds include space, A.I., robots, dinosaurs, animals, virtual life, documentaries, wellness, Sci-Fi, and action themes.

"Worlds that no one has managed to create before, without slowing down and overheating your phone thanks to new technology in the app that will change the industry. Until now, augmented reality hasn’t caught on mainly due to the hassle of using it on your phone," said Lankesar.

Once users are in the Visualax metaverse, they’ll swim with hundreds of fish and travel through thousands of galaxies and fly with a dragon that leads them to a choice of several themed movie adventures. The visual effects, characters and 3D objects also respond to music in a new artistic way.

Visualax lets people interact with an A.I. character, who starts to reduce their anxiety surrounded by animals and digital art, then asks questions about their life.

Users can move with dinosaurs that play classical music in Jurassic Feathers. They can also boldly go where no one has gone before to explore the wonders of interstellar space and look back at the Earth using a spacesuit in the Golden Record. This documentary was inspired by Voyager launched back in the 70s.

"You’ll soon realize that the stars turn into violins, which you can play just by moving your phone," said Lankesar.

The Last Buffalo metaverse documentary is another gem based on history. It lets users experience the demise of the Buffalo from the great prairies of North America when millions of these animals roamed the Earth.

It also lets people experience first-hand how important these creatures were to the Native American people originally living on the continent, and how the Buffalo’s extinction affected their culture.

In the end, the documentary talks about how Yellowstone National Park helped rescue the buffalo from extinction by increasing the population and making it illegal to hunt them down. New technology allowed Lankesar to create the animal’s fur. The buffalo even reacts to touch.

"The focus of Visualax is storytelling, music, education, and entertainment. Even the documentaries are story-based with characters that educate you on issues such as global warming, wellness, and lots more," said Lankesar.

Starting your Visualax metaverse adventure is easy.

Users don’t need an AR or VR headset. The Visualax app can be downloaded and played for free at Google Play or the Apple Store and also come with premium content. It uses your smartphone’s gyroscope and touch screen to navigate the 3D AR metaverse in new ways.

The Visualax metaverse engine is also quick loading and optimized for phones and tablets with no long waiting periods. There is no scanning of surfaces and users can enjoy the entertainment sitting down.

"You can run it for an hour, and it wouldn’t overheat your device," said Lankesar.

The metaverse with the help from Visualax, is the next evolution of the internet and entertainment. It will improve other areas such as education and eCommerce.

Lankesar wanted to create new virtual worlds for people to escape and unwind from reality. The name Visualax is derived from visual relaxation.

"The app is so easy to use that my friend in his 60’s understood the immersive nature of the movies and music. I want to bring the metaverse to everyone and show them it’s not about the hype but the accessibility of the content," said Lankesar.

"I think I’ve achieved my goal of creating a metaverse world through Visualax as close as possible to the holodeck. The best part is you access it on your phone, hassle-free. I hope you enjoy your adventures. I’m an expert metaverse creator and digital artist and available if you need advice to create a metaverse," said Lankesar.

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