Power Storage Solutions Launches New Pure Lead Batteries at the FISPA Show

DALLAS, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Power Storage Solutions (PWRSS), a premier energy storage distributor and installation company, will be introducing the 12GX190F and 12GX210F advanced pure lead technology batteries for telecommunication applications at the FISPA Live Show, February 16-18, 2022 in New Orleans, LA.

The GX battery line is designed to provide continuous power in the digital age of telecommunications, and they are ideally suited and perform exceptionally well in demanding applications, harsh environments, and wide temperature extremes.

The GX battery series is the new leader for telecommunication applications delivering the benefits of pure lead technology such as long-life, high-energy density, fast charge acceptance, and superior shelf life. They also provide exceptional long life with industry leading 10-year service life backed by a 5-year full replacement warranty. The GX Series batteries are constructed to the highest quality standards, with an exclusive manufacturing process supplying exceptional energy and power, elevated performance, and proven reliability.

The unique pure lead grid design and high-quality manufacturing creates a highly reliable battery with improved power density and reduced recharge time. This allows the battery to better handle subsequent power interruptions. The battery’s rugged design also offers better functionality in extreme temperatures and harsh environments and it is particularly suitable for wired and wireless telecom outside plant applications in cell sites, cabinets, CEV’s and huts, as well as for utility/switchgear and cable TV applications.

PWRSS can work with your specific needs to tailor the GX series to meet your requirements because the unique design and construction offers an ideal solution to your toughest challenges. PWRSS can also provide GPS tracking services for high theft areas to ensure your assets are powering your systems, and smart battery technology which provides battery health and active battery balancing that extends the life of the batteries in the most remote areas.

Steve Baker, President, "We are very excited to introduce our GX batteries. Manufactured on a state-of-the-art platform, we are pleased to introduce the NEW 12GX190F and 12GX210F advanced pure lead technology. The ever-increasing transmission of digital data inevitably forces telecom / broadband companies to add more equipment in already highly dense communication cabinets and/or rooms. These batteries provide the latest in technology that proves to have a lasting life span. This is so important to the rural and underserved areas where you need to get a longer life to easy your ROI."

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