Prodigal Joins Trusted Partners on Genesys AppFoundry

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prodigal, the pioneer of AI-powered consumer finance intelligence, is proud to announce it has joined the trusted partners on Genesys AppFoundry.

Prodigal’s current joint customers with Genesys can already speak to easy implementation and seamless integration, but this inclusion in the AppFoundry offers new customers confidence in choosing Prodigal’s solutions to enhance their work.

AppFoundry is a marketplace of solutions that offers Genesys customers a curated selection of integrations and applications to help create great omnichannel customer experiences. The AppFoundry makes it easy for customers to get started fast with vetted and approved apps that integrate with Genesys.

“Prodigal’s partnership with Genesys is a significant step forward in our mission to help lenders and collections agencies increase revenue, decrease costs, and slash risk,” said Shatanu Gangal, CEO of Prodigal. “This collaboration enables us to bring the power of Prodigal’s industry-specialized AI solutions to an even larger set of shared customers. Together with Genesys, we’re committed to strengthening our customers’ core business strategies and day-to-day operational efficiency.”

Prodigal’s proprietary AI Intent Engine is trained on more than 300 million consumer finance conversations. By using that in-depth knowledge, Prodigal’s AI can understand both the content and context of conversations, delivering value through unique strategic insights gleaned by transforming unstructured customer conversations into actionable structured data.

For strategic leaders, those insights offer major value, replacing dated and incomplete information such as credit scores and payment histories with up-to-date insights into what is happening with consumers’ financial lives right now.

Operations teams streamline outdated workflows and realize significant savings with Prodigal’s frontline apps, including compliance and QA automation, real-time representative support, and AI-generated post-call notes.

With Prodigal’s inclusion in the AppFoundry as well as the company’s integration experience, Genesys customers can start increasing revenue, cutting costs, and reducing risk within weeks.

About Prodigal
Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Prodigal is the pioneer of AI-powered consumer finance intelligence. We use artificial intelligence to transform unstructured customer conversations into structured, actionable data for loan servicing, collections, auto finance, banking, healthcare RCM, and more.

Our solutions help teams improve revenue, reduce expenses, decrease risk, and gather insights to drive efficiency and effectiveness across their businesses. Nearly one in five U.S. borrowers has engaged with Prodigal over 300 million conversations, and we won’t rest until every player in the payments lifecycle experiences the relief of better communication, context, and clarity.

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