ProPay Software to Launch New Cloud-Based Program to Streamline HR and Payroll Processes for Businesses

ATLANTA, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Business owners are constantly seeking how to streamline their management processes. When it comes to tedious tasks like on-boarding, payroll, or attendance tracking, businesses can easily find themselves drowning in paperwork, spreadsheets, or falling out of local compliance requirements. ProPay Software has launched to provide business owners with a cloud-based HR assistant to help alleviate business management pains.

A New Era of Time Tracking & Payroll Management
So long are the days of tracking spreadsheets and carbon-copied reporting. ProPay allows business owners to streamline their HR management processes by simplifying the steps through their cloud-based system. Acting as a virtual HR Assistant, the software allows users to check hours and earnings, review paid time off, enter employee deductions, and review and submit payroll all in one place.

Organization is made easy through ProPay’s user-friendly dashboard which allows businesses to organize employees by department, review employee details and documents, and keep track of individual benefits and notes. The secure employee customer portal allows employees to safely access their personal portal to request time off, review documents and access pay stubs.

Most importantly, ProPay’s system keeps up with labor laws to ensure businesses stay compliant. This new payroll management feature is set to launch mid-September.

A Modern Spin on the Archaic Time Tracking System
Prior to launching the payroll system, ProPay will be launching a time tracking system with a fresh and modern approach.

Some of the features included:
–  Mobile App
–  Time Tracker
–  Slack Integration
–  Apple Watch Integration
–  Geofencing and Tagging
“We wanted to create a cloud system that would offer more functionality for business owners and operators,” said Founder and CEO, Janay Symonette. Symonette founded ProPay Software’s parent company FindrPro. “There are so many steps that go into things like payroll and reporting, and it can often become overwhelming to keep track when using multiple platforms. With ProPay Soft, we’re bringing the essential pieces together under one roof so business owners can spend more time running their business and less time keeping track of paperwork.”

About ProPaySoft

ProPay Software is a cloud-based HR system that makes it easy for businesses to onboard, track, pay, and support their employees. Owned and operated in Nassau, Bahamas, ProPay Software services clients globally.

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