PropellerAds Announces the Next Step in Technological and Brand Development

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This December, PropellerAds revealed the company’s latest progress in technology and business growth.

PropellerAds now publicly announces their platform as multisource, as they have already been providing access to multiple exclusive traffic sources via a single advertiser’s account during the last years. Now the main platform’s focus is user acquisition and online marketing campaign scaling by means of adding new, unique, and well-tested supply partners to advertisers’ toolkits. 

Main focus: user acquisition and high performance across any supply sources

PropellerAds claims to focus on scaling for numerous ad supply sources, including exclusive ones available on this platform only. To keep the ad performance at the high level, the platform uses advanced ad rotation algorithms to find relevant audiences for a particular ad campaign, regarding the offer type and flow.

With a special focus on traffic purity, brand safety and a high level of ad performance, PropellerAds uses the latest in-house anti-fraud software.

New traffic types and bidding models, announced to become available soon, will expand PropellerAds customers’ media buying opportunities and help them boost lead generation to reach their business goals easier.

“We’ve been working on improvements and high-tech solutions from the first day of PropellerAds existence. We started as a small Popunder network and look where we are now! Today is a moment when we realized how far we reached during these 11 years.

“Now we are a multisource platform with expanded advertising opportunities especially when it comes to lead generation and communication with your audience. Our technologies allow advertisers to work with various supply sources, process numerous users, and find the most relevant audience. And we have more exciting innovations to present soon!” – Matt Schmidt, Head of Advertisers Department at PropellerAds.

High standards that never change

The highest priorities of PropellerAds have always been user convenience and tools efficiency, which don’t change.

Also, all the previously received customer benefits will remain, as well as conditions of getting them. This includes platform usage, prices, principles of traffic distribution, and supply sources availability for all users, disregarding account balance and Loyalty Program level.

About PropellerAds:

PropellerAds is a multisource advertising platform providing access to 1B+ audience online and AI-based ad-serving/optimization tools for media buyers, agencies, brand owners, and affiliate marketers. The company is a member of IAB Europe with a ISO/IEC 27001 Safety Certification.

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Maria Yashina

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