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PHILLIPSBURG, N.J., May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — safeguards relationships with new, fast, easy to use tech tools. With a few clicks people can protect themselves from cheaters, scammers, serial daters, and compulsive adult content consumers.

“I had to get my heart broken to understand how important this is!” Rafal Orlik, Founder/CEO of iFindCheaters turned a broken marriage into motivation to do something about it. “When it happened to me, I realized that the same tech that connects people can make it easier for them to cheat down the road.” He brought together programmers and developers to give relationships a fighting chance.”

“Getting back out there after a breakup is scary! People ask me all the time how they can be sure someone is being honest. That’s why we added Listings Locator.” Rafal explains that these days it is important to verify someone is telling the truth about important things like marital status. “You want to know who someone is before you invite them into your life, right? That’s why I created all these tools.”

Rafal’s company also offers Tinder Blaster, a way to see if someone is actively seeking to meet other people. “I think love is important, whether it’s new or you’ve got grandkids…Keep those booty calls at home where they belong and relationships will be healthier!”

Since 2016 he has listened to users and worked tirelessly to meet their needs for protection from infidelity. The service is 100% anonymous, confidential, and never discloses user information to third parties.

“It’s a cyber jungle out there! My team wants people to sniff out cheaters and scammers BEFORE they get hurt. That’s why we call iFindCheaters the relationship watchdog.” Rafal is not stopping there. His innovative team is constantly brainstorming for new ways to keep relationships safe and heartbreak at bay.

iFindCheaters’ mission is to empower people to build solid relationships. Technology is awesome and has made a lot of things easier, including infidelity. Rafal is pragmatic; “Painful personal experience woke me up to this reality when it was already too late. I designed and developed because I wanted to protect others from heartache in this brave new tech savvy world. Maybe iFindCheaters can be your vaccine against a broken heart!”

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