Protect Your Network from AI-Driven Cybercrime with DYFEND™

CARY, N.C., May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OOKOS, pioneers in AI cybersecurity for the Defense and Intelligence sectors, is excited to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for its groundbreaking AI-driven cybersecurity solution, DYFEND™. Designed to combat the rising tide of AI-driven cybercrime, DYFEND™ offers continuous user authentication through a Zero Trust approach, delivering cutting-edge protection against the latest cyber threats.

The escalating sophistication of cybercrime, now amplified by AI, has left traditional security measures struggling to keep up. With cybercrime costs reaching $255,000 every second and annual damages predicted to increase by $4 trillion from 2023 to 2025, the need for innovative security solutions is urgent. OOKOS leverages its extensive experience in AI cybersecurity to offer a platform capable of thwarting these evolving threats.

“Our mission is to fight AI with AI,” said Michael Roman, CEO of OOKOS. “We have distilled our expertise from working with Intelligence and Defense into a solution that safeguards organizations from AI-driven cyberattacks. DYFEND™ identifies users based on their unique digital behavior, enforcing security policies instantly and automatically, all while operating in the background to avoid disruption.”

The new platform’s AI-driven continuous user authentication ensures abnormal users are flagged and restricted before they can inflict damage. With its privacy-centric design, DYFEND™ offers seamless protection that integrates into existing networks effortlessly.

To make this innovative cybersecurity solution accessible, the crowdfunding campaign provides highly discounted rates on various access bundles. Organizations can support the campaign to secure early access and benefit from enhanced protection against AI-driven cyber threats.

“We believe in democratizing cybersecurity,” Roman added. “Our crowdfunding campaign not only helps us bring DYFEND™ to a wider audience but also empowers organizations of all sizes to secure their networks with AI-driven Zero Trust.”

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