ProxsysRx Partners with Talon Health Data Solutions to Help Hospitals Reduce Readmissions and Improve Patient Satisfaction

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ProxsysRx today announced their strategic partnership with Talon Health Data Solutions aimed at reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and improving patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS) through their comprehensive omnichannel communication Pharmacy as a Service (PaaS) program.

“Reducing readmissions remains a top priority for hospitals, and our partnership with Talon provides them a seamless process that improves patient satisfaction while reducing readmissions,” said ProxsysRx Chairman and CEO George B. Salem.

As an extension of the health system or hospital care continuum, the PaaS program was developed as a post-discharge synchronized care solution for patients.  With the ProxsysRx-Talon system, Care Coordinators connect directly with the patient shortly after discharge to welcome the patient home and review their treatment plan. Each patient works with their assigned Care Coordinators to address any prescription adherence concerns, identify and resolve treatment barriers and ensure follow-up appointments with providers. The program supports patients with one or more chronic conditions and directly addresses factors that put patients at high risk of hospital readmission, including social determinants, medication-related issues, and medical complications.

“Talon is excited to be working with ProxsysRx to increase their engagement with discharged patients through Talon’s collaborative platform,” said Talon Chief Executive officer Rod Dir.

About ProxsysRx

ProxsysRx is a healthcare solutions company providing value, revenue, and savings to hospital and health system partners through inpatient and outpatient engagement and comprehensive pharmacy programs. Benefits to ProxsysRx partners include readmission risk reduction, 340B savings, employee benefit cost savings, and improved patient satisfaction. ProxsysRx services for hospitals and health care systems include onsite retail pharmacy, 340B administration, personalized and digital patient engagement and management, and employee health benefit program management. Learn more at

About Talon Health Data Solutions

Talon is a technology solutions company with a collaborative digital platform that enhances patient engagement with their healthcare providers allowing hospitals, health systems, and payers to monitor patient care, reduce costly readmissions and improve patient satisfaction. Talon’s global healthcare solutions allow for remote patient caregiving healthcare providers a secure HIPAA compliant platform for monitoring real-time patient health conditions, treatment status, discharge programs, prescriptions and changes in patient health. Learn more at Talon Health Data Solutions.

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