Pryon Unveils New Offering for Enterprise Retrieval

Pryon’s industry-leading retrieval engine, when paired with generative LLMs, provides accurate, instant, and verifiable answers at enterprise scale.

RALEIGH, N.C., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Pryon announced the launch of its new Platform offering, the Pryon Retrieval Engine. This offering, which is focused on securely extracting information from all forms of complex content across myriad sources, enables enterprises to securely deploy Retrieval-Augmented Generative (RAG) solutions at scale and address key knowledge management use cases. Able to handle any content type from text to image to video, the Retrieval Engine is fully API-enabled for custom deployments or accessible via Pryon’s own web or mobile interface for an end-to-end solution. Available on-premises or in the cloud, the Retrieval Engine unlocks dormant value for nearly any current and future AI-enabled use case.

Retrieval is the foundation for any RAG solution, and implementing enterprise retrieval has historically presented several accuracy, scalability, security, and efficiency challenges. Ensuring accuracy in retrieval is difficult due to the intricate nature of enterprise content. Current ingestion methods often fall short in handling the complexity inherent in document-based content, which includes elements like tables, images, graphics, and schematics. Maintaining accuracy is an order of magnitude more difficult when done at scale. Content sprawls across multiple systems in various formats and file types, making the consolidation process incredibly cumbersome.

As is commonplace in news cycles over the past year, the use of AI also introduces security risks, including unauthorized access to documents, data leakages, and potential for cyber-attacks. The implementation of retrieval for an enterprise must meet the highest security and compliance standards to safeguard confidential customer data.

“Every enterprise is in a race to implement Generative AI but face a major roadblock: the inability to efficiently access and securely leverage their vast troves of knowledge and data to drive their AI initiatives,” says Chris Mahl, President & COO, Pryon. “The result is lost productivity, diminished customer experiences, and heightened business and reputational risks—risks that a large organization can’t afford to incur. Pryon’s new offering tackles these challenges head-on by providing rapid, accurate, and secure retrieval at scale.”

“There is a lot of interest among government agencies to use Generative AI for closing knowledge gaps and achieving rapid decision advantage,” said Michael Shrader, VP Intelligence & Innovative Solutions, Carahsoft. “Cutting-edge solutions like Pryon Retrieval Engine ensure the secure and trusted use of AI in delivering answers at the ready.” 

Pryon enables large organizations to realize value from GenAI by understanding that:

  • High-precision ingestion is the starting point for accuracy. Pryon emulates human-like document analysis, employing proprietary OCR technology to extract text in reading order from images, graphics, schematics, and handwritten notes. It utilizes vision segmentation to identify and label key components, performs content normalization and filtering to remove unnecessary objects, and employs visual semantic segmentation to assemble smarter document chunks.
  • Accurate retrieval begins with understanding the question. Pryon’s retrieval process uses a proprietary combination of query expansions, out-of-domain detection, and query embedding to comprehensively understand natural language queries for ingested content matching. Then, Pryon uses three proprietary models to quickly find and rank the best matched content. 
  • Enterprise scale is key to sustained value. Pryon seamlessly integrates with major enterprise systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Confluence, AWS S3, Google Drive, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Documentum, enabling users to effortlessly construct a unified retrieval knowledge base without content consolidation.
  • Maximum security is a prerequisite to AI adoption. Pryon Retrieval Engine maintains document-level ACL and can be implemented in on-premises and air-gapped environments. Pryon AI models do not train on enterprise data. 
  • Rapid time to value is necessary to get business buy-in. Pryon’s pre-built Ingestion, Retrieval, and Generative Engines make it possible to implement production-ready generative AI applications in two to six weeks. Pryon’s no-code interface makes it easy for business admins to update content in their collection in real time, without raising IT tickets. Out-of-the-box APIs allow customers to integrate responses directly into existing applications and tools. 

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About Pryon
Pryon provides a trusted, safe, and proven path to implementing generative AI in enterprises. Pryon’s best-in-class ingestion and retrieval engines can be paired with generative LLMs to implement retrieval-augmented generation and securely provide accurate, instant, and verifiable answers at enterprise scale. Using industry-leading retrieval technology, Pryon RAG Suite securely extracts answers from all forms of content, including audio, images, text, and video, stored in a myriad of sources. Pryon’s products are intuitive to use, accessible via API from any system, and can be deployed in a matter of weeks in the cloud or on-premises. Created by the AI pioneers instrumental in developing Alexa, Siri, and Watson, Pryon is trusted by leading enterprises and government agencies. By reducing the distance between people and answers, Pryon builds high-performing, resilient, and responsive organizations.

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