RAN Revenue to Decline Before the 6G Wave

New report from Mobile Experts forecasts 5G RAN investment’s flatlining and what comes next

CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Experts, a veteran wireless market analyst firm native to the Silicon Valley, just minted a new report that lays out the details of today’s Radio Access Network market. The lineup of heavy hitters is shuffling in surprising ways — with Ericsson leading the race with a solid stride in first place and Nokia takes the #2 slot, pulling far ahead of Huawei.

Mobile Expert’s new forecast reveals the ways in which China and the rest of the world have become entirely separate markets. While China will work to meet their government’s expectations of 5G development over the next two years, the United States and other countries will experience a decline in 5G investment.

“We’ve seen this pattern many times, in 2000, 2008, 2016 and now 2023,” comments Chief Analyst, Joe Madden. “The second half of every ‘G’ involves significant reductions in base station pricing, as well as shifts in volume.   Every ‘G’ migrates from a growth opportunity to a cash-cow opportunity.    This time, we have some interesting shifts toward software and Private 5G at the same time, which offset the natural decline of the market.”

Mobile Experts is tracking the sway of the tides between hardware and software, Macro and Small Cells, and from Public to Private Networks. RAN Revenue and CAPEX’s analysis lives up to Mobile Experts’ legacy; it is bitingly accurate, bold, and is based on bottom-up tracking of all radio products.

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