rater8 Adds Capabilities Empowering Healthcare Organizations to Unlock Deeper Patient and Practice Insights for Improved Operational Efficiency

Launches Net Promoter Scoring, Expands Benchmarking, and Introduces Detailed Diagnostics to Meet Evolving Healthcare Reputation Management Needs

MONTVALE, N.J., July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — rater8, a leader in healthcare reputation management, today announced significant enhancements to its unified patient feedback solution. Providing deeper insights, streamlining provider and listings management, and improving the overall user experience, the new capabilities will help the more than 750 healthcare organizations relying on rater8 to further elevate online visibility, manage reputation, attract and retain patients, improve patient experience, and enhance operational performance.

“One of the things I appreciate most about rater8 is their ongoing development of new features that streamline our workflows,” said Carroll Papajohn, Executive Director for North Florida Bone and Joint Specialists. “In particular, rater8 makes it incredibly easy to add new providers and locations, and I even get alerts about employees and listings that might need attention.”

Measuring Loyalty Through Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

rater8 now provides the option to easily incorporate the NPS question (asking, on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely the patient is to recommend a practice to family and friends) into their existing survey and review request workflows, enhancing the granularity of patient feedback and streamlining promoter/detractor/passive categorization.

Understanding Organization Unit Performance

Expanding its extensive benchmarking, which already delivers insights based on over 16 million data points from patients nationwide, rater8 introduced Org Unit Benchmarking. With a fully customizable hierarchy, rater8 now offers enhanced configurability for larger organizations, making it easy for those groups with complex organizational structures to understand the performance of different units. Provider and location data can now be sorted and organized based on each unit’s specific needs to offer a full snapshot of performance at every organization level.

Optimizing Patient Acquisition

With the addition of Optimize, users can now maximize new patient acquisition opportunities by easily managing their portfolio of online listings and providers from within rater8. Ensuring unparalleled online visibility for practices and providers, Optimize alerts users to potential issues, such as missing or unshared listings or providers who should be added to or removed from rater8, for prompt resolution.

“At rater8, we listen to our users and adapt our solutions to meet their evolving needs,” said Evan Steele, Founder and CEO of rater8. “Our latest features further equip our clients with the tools they need to succeed. We are committed to supporting healthcare providers nationwide in delivering exceptional care.”

About rater8

rater8, the healthcare industry’s leader in online reputation management, provides SaaS solutions that help medical practices attract more patients by effortlessly cultivating five-star reviews on leading sites and gathering real-time patient feedback. Based in the United States, rater8 is a rapidly growing healthtech innovator serving hundreds of practices and hospitals of all sizes and specialties. Learn more at https://rater8.com/.     

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