Remote.It Transforms Fleet Management with a Single API

New scripting API replaces legacy SSH connections, allowing for instantaneous one to many communications across all IoT devices

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Remote.It, a premier SaaS-based network connectivity management platform, has unveiled its new Scripting API. Leveraging the power of GraphQL, this innovative technology empowers customers to oversee and enhance an extensive range of devices, including IoT devices deployed in various environments. The API facilitates effortless configuration updates, software upgrades, and data capture, streamlining operations across any fleet.

“Clever First Aid relies on Remote.It’s scripting solution to manage our entire fleet without logging into each individual device,” said Steve Mann, CTO of Clever First Aid. “This empowers us to focus on driving innovation and delivering exceptional experiences to our customers, while ensuring the highest levels of security and performance across our network.”

IoT deployments are met with a multitude of challenges, including the management of diverse device types with unique firmware and update mechanisms, alongside connectivity constraints that hinder reliable delivery of updates. This is especially true in environments with intermittent connectivity. Effective device management is crucial amidst varied deployment schedules and requirements, ensuring devices remain up-to-date and secure. Additionally, capturing and analyzing data from devices distributed across diverse environments poses challenges due to differing formats and protocols, furthering the need to streamline operations across the IoT fleet. Remote.It provides a catalyst for unleashing the full potential of a company’s digital infrastructure.

“We live in a world that is fully connected, but managing and maintaining fleets of networked assets remains an extraordinarily labor-intensive task,” says Ryo Koyama, CEO and co-founder of Remote.It. “Like our Connectivity as Code solution for secure remote access, developers can programmatically manage their endpoints with just an API call. The days of SSHing into each endpoint are gone forever.”

Remote.It’s powerful New Scripting API transforms device management with:

  • Unrivaled Centralized Control: Command an entire fleet of devices effortlessly with a single API command.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Customize script execution across your fleet, targeting devices by type, version, or custom tags.
  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly incorporate the API into your applications, significantly enhancing their functionality, such as scheduling
  • Advanced Scripting Capabilities: Elevate operational efficiency by uploading files directly to devices.
  • Real-Time Oversight: Gain detailed insights with comprehensive script status and reporting for superior monitoring.
  • Optimized IoT Support: Fully compatible with IoT devices over cutting-edge 5G and Starlink satellite networks.
  • Autonomous Operations: Execute ad-hoc scripts remotely, eliminating the need for manual SSH access.
  • Exceptional Scalability: Execute scripts concurrently across numerous devices, streamlining your processes.
  • Universal Language Compatibility: Utilize any interpreted language available on your operating system for script creation.
  • Extensive Platform Compatibility: Supports Linux and Windows-based systems, covering various operational environments.
  • Exclusive Subscriber Benefits: Available exclusively to commercial paid plan subscribers, offering dedicated service and premium support.

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About Remote.It

Remote.It was founded by networking experts who previously invented and implemented the first hardware TCP/IP stack in silicon logic (acquired by NVIDIA). Leveraging their deep knowledge of the network stack, they invented core technology that enables direct access to any specific service anywhere, while eliminating the need for any of the vulnerabilities associated with the open ports typically associated with remote access. The company has been granted seven patents on its core technology. We believe in securely connecting everything by enabling users to build private networks within the internet that only they can see. We provide zero trust IT/OT networking as a service. Remote.It is available via free download, to learn more visit

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