RGC Labs Announces the Arrival of Daniel Baldwin as its Newest Partner and Advisor

DALLAS, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RGC Labs, a Web3 thinktank, announces the arrival of actor/director Daniel Baldwin as its newest Partner. RGC Labs created the Royal Goats Club NFT project and is building the┬áRoyal Chest NFT Marketplace.

Baldwin is not a new face to the crypto/Web3 industry. Baldwin has been involved in building the largest Latin American film industry in El Salvador, known to be an evolving Crypto Haven. Additionally, Baldwin has been directing Bollywood into the blockchain movement through various Web3 strategies. Baldwin’s alignment with RGC will bring next-generation cross-chain infrastructure into his vision and arsenal.

Shuja Pakhliwal, CEO of RGC Labs, says, "Blockchain is providing a wide range of applications in the digital world for everyone. Unlocking Web3’s immense potential and it’s benefits for small businesses and industries is inevitably. We’re excited to bring Daniel Baldwin onto the team as we scale our business partnerships with those of us paving infrastructure for the next Internet."

Daniel Baldwin continues, "Many projects are focused on decentralization within individual blockchains, but what I thought was unique about RGC Labs is their vision to establish network interoperability across multiple blockchains, presenting an even more advanced embodiment of blockchain’s promise to the NFT space."

The RGC team continues to build a brand and community based on five main pillars: Authenticity, Transparency, Value, Clarity, and Traction. Baldwin plans to increase RGC Lab’s value through establishing partnerships with well-known Web2 companies and bringing them into Web3.

The vision of RGC labs is advancement in WEB3 technology, that will contribute to economic growth opportunities across the world through the art and entertainment industry. RGC Labs shares a common goal with Daniel Baldwin to provide more opportunities to generate more wealth and economic growth for creators across the world, by utilizing recent developments in blockchain technology such as non-fungible tokens.


Daniel Baldwin was born on October 5, 1960, in Massapequa, Long Island, New York, USA. He is an actor and director, known for Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Grimm (2011), and Cold Case (2003).

RGC Labs Royal Goats Club Labs) is a Texas-based blockchain technology thinktank, Founded by Shuja Pakliwhal, that is working on developing an NFT marketplace allowing artists, creators, and entertainers worldwide to monetize their digital intellectual property (Digital photos, audio/music, movies, paintings) using non-fungible tokens. In blockchain terminology, non-fungible tokens are unique digital tokens attached to an individual piece of intellectual property rarity, authenticity, and provenance. RGC Labs is comprised of developers, futurists, and ambassadors whom all share a common goal to provide equal opportunity across the world for the monetization of creative works online.

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