Roambee’s Real-Time Demand Signal Is Transforming Interstate Batteries’ Fulfilment Logistics; Wins SDCE’s Top Supply Chain Project Award

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roambee‘s real-time demand-signal solution for Interstate Batteries has earned the Top Supply Chain Project Award 2021 from Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE). The ~$1.5B Interstate Batteries, the largest independent battery distributor in North America, boasts a network of 250+ distributors and more than 250K+ dealer locations. Interstate Batteries is deploying Roambee in upgrading its fulfillment logistics to a demand-based dynamic model. The company’s transformation journey is designed to move it away from a milk-run consignment model.

A demand-driven dynamic logistics model requires live insight into batteries sold and stocked at every dealer location through either a centralized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)/POS (Point of Sale) system or physically tracking the inventory. Standardizing POS machines or ERP systems across such a vast network of multi-brand retail dealers — many of which are small automotive service shops — was deemed impractical.

Instead, the symbiosis of Roambee’s real-time demand signal solution and Interstate Batteries’ multi-tiered dynamic logistics model allows the latter to achieve greater efficiency in fulfillment logistics, in order to boost its revenue and ensure the brand’s availability as means of competitive advantage.

Interstate Batteries’ Enterprise Architect & Technology Strategist, Rajesh Chauhan, elaborated, "We have achieved three main objectives in the first phase covering 200+ stores: reading demand signal in near real-time, optimize our fulfillment logistics, and moving towards a tiered distribution model rather than a conventional one. This supply chain visibility project has enabled us to optimize deliveries, register an immediate positive impact in our bottom-line revenues, and gain end-to-end control over fulfillment logistics."

Speaking about the award, Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee, said, "It is difficult to capture an accurate demand signal in real-time with carrier data integrations or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems. Getting real-time visibility of a battery in the warehouse, during transit, or at a store requires an end-to-end visibility solution. Roambee’s AI-powered platform delivers this visibility and is readily deployable across thousands of stores to capture sales velocity information in real-time, making it easy to predict the demand signal and automate logistics."

Roambee’s solution has several aspects that traditional infrastructure-heavy solutions such as RFID find it hard to match. With little to no dealer involvement, the ability to deploy globally offers greater control to Interstate Batteries. The implementation at Interstate Batteries’ largest distribution hub demonstrates that using infrastructure-light sensor technology provides real-time inventory visibility and demand signals at a dealer level at POS. Roambee’s sensor-enabled solution actively monitors every battery going to the store and in the store, including its presence and check out.

Roambee’s immersive, location-aware platform "Honeycomb" then transforms sensor information into accurate demand signals, enabling dynamic route planning for Interstate Batteries’ fulfillment logistics.

About Roambee
Roambee‘s global supply chain visibility puts 300+ enterprises in control of shipments and assets — indoors, outdoors, and in-transit — with sensor-driven signals, analytics, alerts, and automated response. Roambee is identified as one of the nine global supply chain technology companies in ‘2021 Gartner Tracking and Monitoring Business Process Context: Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms.’  

About Interstate Batteries
Interstate Batteries is one of the most extensive aftermarket automotive battery distribution and marketing networks in the North American region. Founded in 1952, the battery provider offers more than 700 types of batteries for various automotive applications that touch every aspect of North American life.

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