SaaS Awards Judges Share Tips for Business Software Success

NEW YORK, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Judges from business software ‘Oscars,’ the SaaS Awards, share their tips for success today ahead of next month’s 21 May deadline.

The SaaS Awards program has sought out the best in international business software since 2016.

James Williams, SaaS Awards Head of Operations, said: “It’s critical to include endorsements. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been established for decades – or you’re a start-up with a customer base that only exists in projections.”

“Be creative. Include a powerful case study as part of the supplementary material you’re allowed to submit to the awards program. Everything is treated in strict commercial confidence – blow us away with what you’ve achieved.”

Judge Annabelle Whittall said: “Any metrics applicants can provide are useful – from testimonials to growth figures.”

Lead judge Richard Geary said: “Share the exciting things your organization does on a technical level, too. Talk to the developers behind the scenes and try to communicate what they’ve done that’s so smart.”

Judge Jason Ford added: “The key word for me is innovation. What is your business doing that’s truly different? Tell us how your software is game-changing.”

The SaaS Awards team was joined this year by volunteer judge Neha Pattan, a senior staff software engineer at Google and SaaS veteran managing a team of over 40 software engineers. Neha is also looking to celebrate “cutting-edge innovations.”

The SaaS Awards program closes on May 21 and promotes business software across a range of industries:

SaaS Awards Categories:

  • Best SaaS for Small Business/SMEs
  • Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product
  • Best SaaS Product for Nonprofits/Education
  • Best SaaS for Productivity
  • Best SaaS for E-Commerce/E-Shops
  • Best SaaS for Web or App Development
  • Best SaaS for Business Accounting or Finance
  • Best SaaS for Management Accounting and Budgeting
  • Best SaaS for HR
  • Best SaaS for Recruitment
  • Best SaaS for Shipping, Inventory/Vehicle Logistics
  • Best SaaS for Ticketing/Event Management
  • Best SaaS for Business Management
  • Best SaaS for Catering and Hospitality
  • Best SaaS for CSR or Sustainability
  • Best SaaS for Agriculture/Farming
  • Best SaaS for Media/Publishing
  • Best SaaS for Healthcare
  • Best SaaS for Digital Marketing
  • Best SaaS for Financial Services
  • Best SaaS for E-Learning
  • Bespoke SaaS Solution of the Year
  • Best UX/UI/Design in a SaaS Product
  • Best SaaS for Sales and Marketing
  • Best SaaS for PR, Brand Management or Stakeholder Engagement
  • Best SaaS for Customer Services/CRM
  • Best SaaS for Business Intelligence or Analytics
  • Best SaaS for Supply Chain / Warehouse Management
  • Best SaaS for Project Management, Workflow Automation or PLM
  • Best SaaS for ERP/MRP
  • Best Data-Driven SaaS Product
  • Best SaaS Newcomer
  • Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product
  • Best SaaS Innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Best SaaS for Energy & Utilities
  • Best SaaS for Health & Safety or Risk Management
  • Best SaaS for Learning Management or Training
  • Best SaaS for Communication, Collaboration or Conferencing
  • Best SaaS for Product Analytics
  • Best Accessibility Innovation in SaaS

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SOURCE The SaaS Awards

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