Seam Social Labs Launches co:census to Empower Communities

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past 20 years, many inner-city communities have become gentrified. Homeowners appreciate gentrification because of the impact on the value of their properties and often sell to the highest bidder. What is left behind are the voices of people who the new community systemically buries. Moreover, during the political climate and pandemic, it is inevitable that particular groups may be ignored and suffer. Seam Social Labs launched co:census to uplift these voices through surveys and the collection data – a tool needed by municipalities, national nonprofits, and corporate community engagement departments to serve diverse interests.

Started by Tiasia O’Brien and Michelle Brown, co:census is a grantee of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. “My co-creator and I were born and bred in urban communities that were gentrified and displaced, which took away our voices and disempowered us,” said Tiasia O’Brien, co-founder of Seam Social Labs. “In 2018, I realized I wanted to give people back their voice. Policies and change should not drop down on people, and co:census delivers solutions for our clients designed through collaborative means.” Diversity, accessibility, and inclusion are significant pillars of the organization. “As Black women in tech, we’re working hard to make room for other BIPOC voices who dared not to enter for fear of being unsuccessful and without support,” said Michelle Brown, co-founder of Seam Social Labs.

Shan-Lyn Ma, the founder of the wedding registry app Zola, is one of the new company’s key investors. Although the female inventors’ current priority is supporting national issues, they will be looking at bringing co:census to emerging markets in the Caribbean and Africa, where there are significant challenges in acquiring community data. For more information, visit

About Seam Social Labs

co:census is a tool developed by Seam Social Labs, a mission-driven company working to empower disinvested communities. Seam Social Labs’ vision is to support 1,000 communities by 2030. Founders Their commitment to building co:census comes from their first-hand experience in seeing their neighborhoods receive investments for people who did not grow up there and watching their communities’ culture shift. They are developing this platform to reduce displacement around the country. 

About co:census

co:census (formerly Synergized Insights) is an inclusive survey and polling software is pioneering the collection and analysis of public sentiments for organizations. Fifty cities and firms across America use its community-driven insights. The revolutionary platform connects users to expert teams who build multilingual, accessible surveys that engage people to deliver transformational new policies and outcomes. 

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