Siborg Systems Inc Presents First-Ever Multilingual LCR-meter at DMEMS Electronic Trade Show in Del Mar, California, Now Offered by DigiKey and Amazon Worldwide

DEL MAR, Calif., May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The DMEMS show, held from April 23 to 24, 2024, serves Southern California and Mexico, attracting significant interest from Mexican assembly facilities. The LCR-Reader-R3, a cutting-edge budget model, features a multilingual interface, making it easier for technicians in assembly plants to use, especially since many might not be fluent in English. In addition to the booth at the show, Siborg offered a technology seminar titled “Measuring Sub 1 pF Capacitor And 10 nH Inductor Components Using Tweezer Meters,” highlighting recent advances in high-precision measurement techniques.

Siborg Systems continues to showcase its latest developments in LCR-meter technology following last year’s activities in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the latest trade shows such as APEX in Anaheim and Nepcon in Tokyo in January 2024. These exhibitions primarily aim at product demonstrations and networking opportunities, but also provide insights into actual industry needs for electronic measurements.

Expanding its global presence, Siborg Systems strategically established support centers in key locations such as the United States, Germany, and Shenzhen, China. This move not only facilitates better customer support but also accelerates the development and implementation of new products.

Since 2005, Siborg Systems has been offering cutting-edge electronic measurement tools, starting with the Smart Tweezers LCR-meter, followed by the LCR-Reader digital multimeter family, offering a spectrum of multimeters from the budget basic model LCR-Reader R1 to the award-winning LCR-Reader-MPA, an all-in-one multimeter. The latter offered an unprecedented number of measurement capabilities such as LCR/ESR, voltage and frequency measurements, LED/Diode testing, signal generator, and even an oscilloscope. The LCR-Reader-MPA proved to be a remarkable achievement, earning the esteemed Product of the Year 2020 Award from Plant Engineering Magazine. This recognition underscored the device’s exceptional quality, innovation, and contribution to the engineering field. With its compact design and improved capabilities, the LCR-Reader-MPA represented a significant advancement in the LCR-Reader product line.

Further development aimed at achieving a higher test frequency using a new element base, particularly the new STM32F303 series of MCUs with an Arm Cortex-M4 core. LCR-meter LCR-Reader-R2 was released in 2023. In addition to the higher test frequency of 250 kHz, LCR-Reader-R2 introduced Analog Signature Analysis, a cutting-edge tool that enabled comprehensive component testing, including in-circuit tests, providing engineers and technicians with an efficient solution for circuit board analysis.

Striving to expand its market, Siborg Systems has currently introduced a new model that utilizes the same microcontroller as the LCR-Reader-R2 but offers a lower test frequency and, importantly, a lower price point. This new model was unveiled at IPC APEX Expo in Anaheim and showcased at the DMEMS trade show in Del Mar, near San Diego, California. In addition to offering a significantly lower price, the new device features a multilingual user interface, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese languages. Other languages may be added upon request.

The new LCR-Reader R3 is now available at Siborg’s online store as well as on DigiKey and Amazon.

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