Simporter Delivers Unique AI Software to Empower Brands and Retailers to Develop Sustainable Product Innovation

ATLANTA, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Simporter, the leading AI platform for new product research, has introduced its sustainability insights technology, Whitespace AI ™, in response to demand from consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies seeking new ways to deliver sustainable business practices.

Simporter’s Whitespace AI software uses a proprietary method of extracting consumer data from social media, ecommerce product reviews, and search patterns. Its natural language processing algorithm classifies and ranks the needs and benefits consumers expect for sustainability. Users quickly uncover learnings unique to their categories, which saves brands from losing credibility by blurring topics like sustainable vs. "clean" products. Insights from Simporter’s technology help new products stand out from the competition and win loyal consumers.

"Simporter’s advancement in sustainability insights enables brands to discern specific needs and benefits that motivate consumers, which differ by product category," said Dillon Hall, Simporter’s cofounder. "For example, in food, consumer needs include reducing the carbon footprint, while in household cleaning it’s more about protecting water sources. Our technology uncovers what matters for each brand by mining consumer conversations at scale."

"Our corporate clients have made profound commitments in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks," said Tim Hall, Simporter’s cofounder. "The data from Whitespace AI helps them stand at the forefront of the environmental protection evolution."

About Simporter
Simporter’s AI software automates market research for new product development. Brands and retailers use it to pinpoint which products consumers truly want and how often they’ll buy. The proprietary technology analyzes billions of data points from retail sales, social media, search, and ecommerce customer reviews.

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Mary Volynets

SOURCE Simporter AI

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