Smart Ancient Life Home – A Grand Vision by Bobby Borisov

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —¬†With the promise of superior comfort and cost efficiency, smart homes are quickly picking up steam as the new choice for large and small families. Using his entrepreneurial skills, veteran investor, Bobby Borisov, throwing his full weight behind the concept of smart homes and how they benefit humans and our ecosystem.

A handful of new technology and innovation can sometimes be too much or irrelevant, but not with smart homes. Most of what running a traditional home has become is turning appliances and facilities on and off to save money on bills, to increase comfort, or to beef up security. Relying on human application to guarantee safety and cost-efficiency in traditional homes has not always been fruitful. Houses still get engulfed in fire from gas leaks caused by unfair reliance on humans to keep an eye on everything in their home. And as far as security goes, smart homes will do a much quicker and effective job of turning on safety facilities, warding off perpetrators, and alerting relevant authorities if a break-in was imminent.

High utility bills also make up another pain point in traditional nonsmart homes. Bills running over monthly budget are a common occurrence with traditional homes. Relying on kids and human effort to turn the power or AC off when it is not in use is often as good as guesswork. But as learned from reviews about smart homes, it is impossible for bills to run over a preset budget controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).

In similar fashion, Bobby Borisov explains that the integration of AI in homes will ensure the utmost comfort possible. He drives a valid argument that humans are not robots or machines, and how bringing to life all existing smart devices should rather be the focus. With LifeHouse, he is championing the incorporation of robotics and AI into selected historical home-furnishings. As far as comfort goes, temperature levels will be regulated by remote controls or a preset schedule controlled by AI. The dreadful event of locking one’s keys indoors will be forever banished with smart homes. Gas leaks, security breaches and many mild and severe cases around the home will be spotted and reported to relevant response teams in real time.

Bobby indicates that the group at LifeHouse believes that homes should be a special place where people regenerate, nourish their ambitions, and live happily. He was sure to mention that, “a happy life is a healthy life“. With common facts proving that humans are happy and healthier when relaxed, it is hard to argue Bobby’s logic.

Smart homes are expected to become more popular than they currently are. The evolution of technology has been centered around driving comfort levels to new heights.

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