Source Digital to Introduce Seamless Video/Metaverse Experience in Europe

A recently-awarded European patent further solidifies Source as a Web3 Network of Networks. Deploying interactive content within coordinates values across any video and metaverse network.

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Source Digital, Inc. announces the awarding of a European patent that further cements the company’s dominance in interactive video as well as in monetizable aspects of the metaverse. The patent not only covers functionality for activating visual content in video, but at any coordinate in any metaverse Source can enable interactivity for end users, empowering a more personalized, seamless video-metaverse (cross-verse) experience.

Source Digital already has the technology and IP that is agnostic to audio, video or metaverse – to facilitate personalized SAM’s (Source Activated Moments) designed for user engagement and interactivity around information, socialization, shopping, contextually targeted brands, advertising, and virtually any other extension of interactivity against moments in time. This patent further extends the company’s capability to deploy SAM’s directly correlated to any on-screen visual location in video (2D), metaverse (3D), or augmented reality (3D).

Each SAM “coordinate” effectively creates a mapping system allowing end users to touch/click any digital location/object and get an interactive return of information – even buy or share it! Users can also re-experience or cross-link the precise metaverse moment when they originally found it. (Imagine clicking on a shirt and immediately accessing information about the brand, adding it to your cart, and buying or sharing it with a friend; then, jumping right back to the original moment when the item was found.)

This patent also provides the ability to match the physical location of an end user (on earth) or digital object (in the metaverse) and identify its real-world coordinates. In all cases, these intersections can trigger additional digital interactive events (similar to the description above).

As a bonus feature, the patent also extends the synchronization of metaverse experiences to traditional video. Users can watch a favorite movie and synchronize an in-world experience from that movie. They can also watch a favorite live concert, jumping back and forth from a lean-back physical world to a lean-in immersive virtual world.

“We’re thrilled to expand our reach into European markets, with a greater capacity to optimize the user experience for creators, merchants, and advertisers,” shares Source Digital, Inc. Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer Hank Frecon. “This opportunity enables us to join our advanced technology with the most cutting-edge online capabilities, bringing the metaverse and video alive like never before.”

With 9 US patents already secured, Source Digital has established itself as the foremost innovator in the next generation of advertising and e-commerce. In 2022 alone, the visionary tech company pioneered groundbreaking partnerships with both the National Hockey League and key tourism departments across the nation. Implementing its next-generation ad tech solutions, consumers discovered an entirely customized viewer or visitor experience while brands found new ways to expand their audience. The July announcement of Source Digital’s partnership with Metaverse Investments Ltd. further solidified the company’s leadership in the rapidly expanding Web3 industry.

Now, the awarding of an 11th patent allows this forward-thinking tech team to provide an even more personalized experience to the European market. Source Digital’s advanced technology systems will be able to sync a SAM to a piece of content/object within the metaverse at a specific moment in time, enabling the company to identify and synchronize all data points. This way, users can ascertain their location within both the metaverse and video. While Source Digital is pursuing similar patents in the US and elsewhere, this initial European grant will allow for further development of future iterations. Learn more at

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Source Digital, Inc. is a disruptive monetization platform that delivers a new era of social engagement through video and the metaverse. Source offers the first in-video, contextually driven, frictionless acquisition experience of information, digital and physical goods, contextually driven advertising, sports betting, and more! Their technology allows content creators, owners, brands, and retailers to engage with viewers across any device or screen in real time. An immersive approach to interactive video and the metaverse, Source Digital’s patented technology inspires brand loyalty organically through personalized engagement, reducing audience drift while yielding nuanced measurements and substantially increased avenues for monetization. Source currently has 11 patents covering the intersection of 2D and 3D content and metadata-driven ad placement.

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