Stackup Brings Account Abstraction to Ethereum with ERC-4337

Stackup introduces ERC-4337 node service to simplify cryptocurrency transactions on Ethereum and Polygon networks.

NEW YORK, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stackup, the crypto wallet infrastructure company dedicated to simplifying the use of cryptocurrency, has announced that ERC-4337 has cleared its security audit, and the company has launched a node service for sending ERC-4337 transactions and sponsoring transactions on the Ethereum network. In addition to supporting Ethereum mainnet, Stackup also supports Polygon mainnet, Polygon Mumbai testnet, and Goerli testnet.

ERC-4337 is a new standard for account abstraction, which enables user blockchain accounts to be smart contracts on EVM-based blockchains. This enables a simplified experience for users.

“Account abstraction has for a long time been a dream of the Ethereum developer community,” said Vitalik Buterin, co-author of EIP-4337 and Chief Scientist of the Ethereum Foundation, in a blog post describing the proposal.

Stackup was founded by John and Hazim, who saw the need for automation of the hard parts of crypto for users, making it easy and accessible for everyone. The company’s mission is to make the future of cryptocurrency accessible to all. With the launch of its node service, Stackup has taken a giant leap forward in giving the world access to a fair and open financial system.

“Accessibility is the biggest problem in blockchains, and we’re proud to provide a critical part of the solution,” said John, Co-founder of Stackup. “Blockchain’s biggest problem is that you basically have to be an expert to use it safely. With EIP-4337 and Stackup’s infrastructure, that isn’t true anymore.”

Stackup makes it easy to build custom web3 transactions flows and wallets using ERC-4337. Onboarding new users is a breeze with Stackup’s frictionless onboarding process, which allows for instant wallet creation using social logins on any EVM blockchain. The company’s account abstraction infrastructure makes it easy to bundle transactions together, turning complex sequences of transactions into simple one-click experiences for users.

“Our easy-to-use web3 APIs make it simple to create polished, user-friendly experiences for your users. Plus, our open-source SDK is battle-tested, so you can focus on building your product, not on infrastructure,” said Hazim, Co-founder of Stackup.

Stackup’s node service is built for developers, but loved by users. The company’s open-source SDK is battle-tested, saving infra dev time and allowing developers to focus on their tech while Stackup takes care of onboarding and transactions. Stackup also offers user-centric pricing and zero starting costs and is dedicated to providing the best possible user experience. To explore Stackup further, visit or engage with the Stackup community on Twitter.

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Stackup is a crypto wallet infrastructure company dedicated to simplifying the use of cryptocurrency. Founded in 2021 by John and Hazim, Stackup’s mission is to make the future of cryptocurrency accessible to all. The company offers easy-to-use account abstraction infrastructure. Stackup’s node service supports ERC-4337 transactions on Ethereum and Polygon mainnets, making it easy for developers to build custom web3 transactions flows and wallets. For more information, visit

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