Striveworks and Protopia AI Enter into Strategic Partnership to Empower Data-Centric AI in Highly Regulated Environments

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –Striveworks and Protopia AI are excited to announce their partnership to jointly support the need for timely, relevant and trusted AI/ML models in highly regulated industries. 

“The shift from Model-Centric AI to Data-Centric AI is one of the top trends in 2022. By partnering with Striveworks, we enable fast access to high quality real-world data, which has traditionally been a major challenge for Data-Centric AI in highly regulated environments,” according to Eiman Ebrahimi, CEO and Co-founder of Protopia AI. “By combining the power of our patented, privacy-enabling technology with Striveworks’ platform to build and deploy models at scale, we not only provide Data-Centric AI governance and protection, but also simplify MLOps across the entire ML lifecycle.” 

Data transformed by Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transform Solution ensures the protection of customers’ sensitive AI data across the entire ML lifecycle and can be rapidly ingested into Chariot, Striveworks’ MLOps platform. After models are trained and deployed in Chariot, the patent-pending Chariot Data Lineage system ensures that models remain fully auditable and reproducible. Data owners maintain full control over sensitive data throughout the ML lifecycle, a particularly important feature for all companies doing business in highly regulated industries. 

Striveworks CEO Jim Rebesco said, “Organizations looking to embrace data-centric AI need to equip their data professionals with both access to operationally relevant data and the tools to rapidly build, deploy and monitor models that use that data. The partnership between Protopia and Striveworks gives our customers the ability to securely and responsibly do both.”

Protopia AI was recently recognized as a Cool Vendor in AI Governance and Responsible AI by Gartner® and Striveworks was recognized as number three on the 2022 CRN® Fast Growth 150. Digital transformation in highly regulated environments rests on the ability to safely and responsibly build, deploy, monitor and audit models built on sensitive data. This partnership will allow businesses to leverage Protopia’s capabilities in data protection in Striveworks’ MLOps environment.

About Striveworks

Striveworks is a pioneer in operational data science for national security and other highly regulated spaces. Striveworks’ flagship MLOps platform is Chariot, built to solve the “Day 3” problem of model remediation. Founded in 2018, Striveworks was highlighted as an exemplar in the National Security Commission for AI 2020 Final Report. For more information visit

About Protopia

Founded by Endowed Chair Professor of Computer Science at UCSD Hadi Esmaeilzadeh (CTO) and Ex-NVIDIA Scientist Eiman Ebrahimi (CEO), Protopia AI’s patented datatype-agnostic solutions accelerate time-to-value from data to unlock the benefits of ML that are typically lost due to lengthy governance protocols and procedures. For more information, visit or watch the brief video here: Introducing Protopia AI Stained Glass Transform.

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Tracy Shank

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