Strongest Nuclear Battery is Revealed by US Company

A new chapter in the history of nuclear energy storage solutions could be written by this new, highly efficient, scalable, and mass-producible nuclear battery technology.

SAN DIEGO, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Infinity Power in San Diego County, California, has successfully developed a very powerful and long-lasting nuclear battery that harvests decay energy from radioisotopes, under strong support from the US Department of Defense. It has been demonstrated that over 60% of overall efficiency is attained. Compared to other radioisotope energy conversion methods with low efficiency (<10%), it marks the highest level of overall efficiency ever achieved. This shows that the upcoming commercial release of next-generation radioisotope power sources holds out huge hope. 

Made feasible by completely new methods, this is an incredibly remarkable breakthrough achievement. Unlike typical other converters utilizing semiconductors with adjacent radioisotope plates/layers, our novel electrochemical energy conversion constitutes the foundation of the new approach. Master of Nuclear Battery and founder/CEO of Infinity Power LLC, Jae W. Kwon stated, “Our new method utilizes a highly effective energy conversion mechanism for strong power generation.” In order to guarantee adequate shielding and no leakage, sophisticated container designs are also employed.

Portable power sources are used to power a wide range of modern systems, including medical equipment, mobile electronics, robotics, etc. Routine refueling and recharging processes, however, inevitably cause many significant missions to be interrupted or abandoned, even though continuous operations are sought. A viable solution has been proven by Infinity Power. Because integrated radioisotopes can produce a sufficient amount of electricity for prolonged periods of time without requiring the search for energy from external power sources, they are an appealing solution for many applications.

It’s amazing that simply adjusting a few crucial design parameters, this tiny coin-cell-style device can provide tens of milliwatts of power for over a hundred years. A wide range of power generation, from nanowatts to kilowatts or more, is also possible thanks to this technology’s remarkable scalability. Because of its higher efficiency, it requires less radioisotope to produce the same amount of power as other conversion processes. Furthermore, compared to previous methods that only allow for limited selection, it offers a significantly wider range of radioisotope materials’ selection.

For many specialized applications, such as implantable medical devices, deep-sea power systems, space power systems, remote area power systems, microgrid power systems, etc., its scalable design and mass producibility will allow for speedy market acceptance.

With this accomplishment, Infinity Power is one step closer to realizing its vision of supplying trustworthy, secure, and safe radioisotope power sources. “Our goals are to guide this discovery toward a prosperous product launch and begin a new chapter in the history of revolutionary nuclear energy storage solutions,” said Jae W. Kwon.

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A metal-encased coin-cell packaging is developed to guarantee sufficient shielding and no leakage.

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