Sustain Exchange LLC Partners with HearMe on UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work

NEW YORK, April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sustain Exchange LLC is proud to announce a partnership with HearMe, a leading behavioral health peer support platform focused on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being. As part of this innovative partnership, SustainAble Exchange will distribute a new class of EnAble ‘Use’ Tokens that provides recipients with a free trial of HearMe’s support service. This launch coincides with the United Nations World Day for Safety and Health.

“HearMe provides a safe space for users to chat on-demand with a person they choose based on shared lived experience. Listeners are trained and certified to offer emotional support. Since our inception, we have served over 300,000 people, who have reported an average 57% improvement in mood after just the first session,” says Afsana Akhter, HearMe’s CEO.

“SustainAble Exchange brings corporations and organizations together in accelerating the adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 3, Good Health & Well-Being.  In this series of EnAble Tokens we are enabling our members to improve worker & family mental health.  The physical and mental health of workers should be a priority for all companies within their sustainable practice, and each commercial transaction provides an opportunity to facilitate change for good,” said Sustain Exchange LLC Managing Director and co-founder, Jon C. Ohrn.

“The World Day for Safety and Health reminds us that we all have a responsibility towards promoting safe and healthy workplaces and environments. We all experience stress from work, family, climate change, and other factors. HearMe provides peer support to anyone going through these challenges who need some extra support,” said Jeff Hallstead, SustainAble Exchange co-founder and board member.

SustainAble Exchange will allocate EnAble Tokens to its member corporations, foundations, NGOs, universities, municipalities and other affiliated organizations for broad and equitable distribution.  Through the process of creating, allocating and distributing EnAble Tokens, the collective SustainAble Exchange Network will assist workers, communities and families that would like to try the HearMe peer support platform.  

Prospective SustainAble Exchange members and persons requesting EnAble Tokens may request access to this class of EnAble Tokens at

About Sustain Exchange LLC, SustainAble Exchange and EnAble Tokens

At the core of SustainAble Exchange lies the revolutionary concept of EnAble Tokens, which symbolize sustainable practices and values for people and the environment. As members generate EnAble Tokens during transactions, they contribute to the advancement of the SDGs, creating a dynamic network of companies and individuals committed to responsible business practices. 

Key Features of SustainAble Exchange:

EnAble Tokens: Members can generate EnAble Tokens in transactions, promoting sustainability and supporting the 17 UN SDGs.

  1. EnAble Tokens: Members can generate EnAble Tokens in transactions, promoting sustainability and supporting the 17 UN SDGs.
  2. Network of Companies: EnAble Tokens are utilized within a network of conscientious organizations, facilitating collaboration and driving positive impact across industries.
  3. Validation and Storage: EnAble Tokens are securely validated, stored, and valued within the SustainAble Exchange platform, promoting transparency and accountability.
  4. Digital Wallet Integration: Member companies have the ability to integrate with a digital wallet available on consumers’ mobile devices, extending the benefits of sustainable commitments into consumer loyalty and employee benefit programs.
  5. Member Portal: Corporate members record each transaction on the blockchain through a member portal, ensuring transparent and immutable tracking of sustainable actions.

About Sustain Exchange LLC

Sustain Exchange’s launch of SustainAble Exchange marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of sustainable commerce. By harnessing the power of EnAble Tokens and fostering a network of companies committed to positive change, SustainAble Exchange sets a new standard for conscious consumerism. Visit our website today to learn more about how your organization can be a part of this groundbreaking initiative.

About HearMe in 30, Inc. and the HearMe Operating Platform:

HearMe is a leading digital application offering a unique on-demand solution for individuals seeking emotional and mental well-being support. Available on-demand 365 days per year, 24 hours a day, with an average response time of two minutes, HearMe connects users with peers they choose based on similar lived experiences. HearMe facilitates real-time, empathetic conversations and ensures that no one has to face difficulties alone. Peer support has proven efficacy in improving mental health and is a covered benefit by Medicare (beginning in 2024), select health plans, and Medicaid. HearMe is an essential tool for those struggling with loneliness, chronic illness, burnout, family and financial issues, and any other conditions and stresses of life.

For media inquiries or further information about Sustain Exchange, please contact Jeff Hallstead at 310 526-3814 or

For media inquiries or more information about HereMe, please contact Afsana Akhter at 617 794-9397 or

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