SVGator 3.0 Becomes the Leading SVG Editor and Animator Tool with its Latest Update

SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The well-established SVG animation app will outrun major design tools with its latest global release of SVGator 3.0. The online app becomes a full-featured SVG creator and animator that offers anything a professional designer dreams of. The update is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG, providing a versatile toolset for creation and animation in one place. This means that the users no longer need any other graphic tool to design stunning vectorial illustrations and animations.

The intuitive interface comes with familiar graphic tools and shapes, powered up by fast editing options and a constantly growing assets library. After creation, the graphics can be easily animated and exported as interactive animations that will play on click, on hover or on scroll.

SVGator 3.0 offers three pricing plans: Free, Lite and Pro. The SVG creator is totally free and designers can export an unlimited number of static projects. Good news is that all the features can be tested for free, without giving credit card details.

New Features Include:

A precise SVG maker that was designed and tested by graphic artists. The Pen tool lets designers draw without any interruption, as they can select and move the node points and adjust the bezier curves on the go. Basic shapes like rectangles, circles, polygons or stars are already available; compound shapes and custom paths are easily editable.

Further remarkable features are that the origin point of an object will stay where it was put and the Pencil tool creates a significantly lower number of node points, than other similar tools.

The preview and export options are visible on a single panel, so that it is easier to preview the final project and choose the interactive export option that best suits the user’s needs. Snapping options are an integral part of the canvas along with smart guides and a professional grid system.

There is a new assets library full of useful elements that can be reused as many times as needed or users can import their own SVG files.

About SVGator

SVGator is an online SVG creator and animator tool. It was founded in 2017 when a team of designers recognized the hidden powers of SVG, namely that it’s small in file size, infinitely scalable, and it can be animated. The app helped thousands of designers to create animations without any coding skills and continues its success story with the new SVGator 3.0 that will make it the leading SVG editor in the design industry.

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